How I Made Millions from the e-Book Revolution

Books have turned out to be some of my best friends.

First, they rescued me from a financial crisis 20 years ago.

More recently they’ve earned me more than $7.7 million…and a lifestyle that allows me to travel the world.

Let me give you the backstory: In the mid-1990s, after a series of bad decisions and severely self-limited thinking, I was evicted from my home—along with my family. A year later my last car was repossessed and that year my income qualified me below the U.S. poverty level.

During that time I discovered a number of self-help books, including the 100-year-old classic As A Man Thinketh. It was that short book—and several others—that turned my life around.

Fast forward a few years and I saw that opportunity abounds on the Internet. Knowing that As A Man Thinketh was in the public domain—meaning no one owns the copyright—I decided to give away electronic copies of it.

I acquired the domain name for less than $20 and literally gave away free copies.

Yet within 30 days, I began making money—by using a secret strategy.

At first, it was just a couple of thousand dollars a month, but by the end of the first year I had made a six-figure income. In five years, my income exploded to seven-figures a year.

Then I began to duplicate the process using other books…and my success (and fortune) grew.

When I saw the beginnings of the e-book revolution started by Amazon and Apple, among others, I realized that another huge opportunity was in the making. I immediately began to churn out my own books—along with books that I hired other writers to produce (sometimes for as little as $300 a book)—and sold them on Amazon.

What I did next is what makes my strategy 10-to-20 times more profitable than the average author on Amazon. And you can find out about it here.

It’s a laptop business that gives me a laptop lifestyle.

I’ve run my business from an Internet café just off the Mediterranean in Sorrento…from La Galerie Lounge at the George V hotel in Paris…from a beer hall in Prague…and lots of places in between. Even all these years later I still wake up some mornings pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

My success was bound to attract the attention of others and over the years I’ve been deluged with requests for “inside information” on my strategies. I began offering specialized training in the many ways to use books to create income. My students span the globe and some have gone on to Top Five rankings in their categories at Amazon—both in the U.S. and internationally.

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