How IL Can Help You Retire This Year

We talk about a straightforward idea here at International Living — you can live better for less overseas.

You can enjoy a warmer climate, prettier beaches, and more money in your pocket. That’s even after you pay for little luxuries like a maid and a gardener.

If you’ve been thinking…dreaming…of a new life abroad…and you figure 2011 is the year to start working on a plan to make it happen someday, we can help.

For the past few days, we’ve been telling you about the new IL project that’s designed to hand you as many “retire right now” shortcuts as possible.

It took IL editors Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins more than 10 years to uncover shortcuts like this—the best secrets to the good life abroad—but now you can do it easily.

With their step-by-step blueprint, you save money…avoid the pitfalls…and find your perfect “sweet spot” overseas fast. So you can start living better (and for less), right away.

Watch this video postcard to learn how.


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