How This Simple Income Stream Pays for My Luxury Travel

As I looked out my car window I saw mountains, sand, and more sand with an occasional saguaro cactus lifting its arms to the hot baking sun. At first I thought it was a mirage, a figment of my imagination, but in the distance was a place where the sand met crystal blue waters and the beach seemed to go on for miles.

I was in Puerto Penasco, 65 miles south of the Arizona border in Mexico, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Sonoran Desert.

Nestled on Sandy Beach, Bella Sirena Resort was an oasis overlooking the ocean with lush tropical foliage, palm fronds swaying in the breeze, and water cascading down rock formations. Looking down from the sixth-floor condo, I saw decadent panoramic views of landscaped courtyards with red flowers and indigenous rock facades. From every room you could see the ocean lapping up on the shore.

My vacation rental condo came with a fully functioning kitchen, granite countertops, dark chocolate cabinets, and beautifully laid tile. A plush leather sofa adorned the great room for relaxing inside. Both bedrooms felt like a master suite and came with their own bathrooms.

It was a home away from home. I could choose to dine in or go out to the local restaurants for fresh Mexican seafood.

As I stepped onto the balcony overlooking the ocean I saw two infinity pools, people riding jet skis, and horses walking on the sand. Vendors made their way up and down the beach offering massages to ease tired, achy bones.

I was so excited to rejuvenate and recharge in these luxury accommodations for six days. Typically, I’d pay $840 for a week like this but this was the first time I’d offered a vacation rental owner a travel video and article in exchange for my stay.

I contemplated basking in the sun on a floaty with a rum drink in hand or running into town to the local fish market. I couldn’t wait to taste those gigantic shrimp. There were brightly colored piña colada stands dotting every corner. Locals whacked coconuts, drained and shaved the insides, and I slurped on my straw and devoured my shrimp meal served in these chiseled out coconuts.

In town, restaurant owners beckoned for me to enter their establishments. Cooked clams with a little garlic, cilantro, butter, and tomatoes had me thinking I was in heaven.

As I walked along the beach I noticed tiny grains of sand moving in and out with the tide and sea urchins stranded in the shallow waters scurried into nooks and crannies. It felt so serene and calming to see the ocean come alive. I was relaxing and recharging my soul in a matter of hours. That was the best part of my trip.

I couldn’t believe that by learning how to do travel videos I had the opportunity to stay for free at a luxury resort and explore a place on the beach with an average of 340 days of sun. It was easier than I thought gathering video footage.

And my next destination for a video might just be a tropical island in the Caribbean.

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