How to Boost Your Overseas Income

There’s a retired school teacher living in Mexico these days who’s earning what she calls “M&M money.” It’s not for the candy. It’s money for massages and margaritas.

She’s figured out an easy way to augment her retirement income in just a handful of hours a month, working from her new home overseas. Once she’s got her $400, she takes the rest of the month off. She can travel for a few weeks if she wants… and then when she comes home, gets back to it and generates another $400.

No clock to punch. She just works when she wants. And for her, that means having enough to fund those extras… provide a little cushion… keep her comfortably in massages and margaritas…

It’s something you could easily do, too, from anyplace overseas. But if you wanted to make more, you certainly could. This is something that can provide a full-time income (and does for thousands of people.)

You can get started in as few as 72 hours. It’s something you do with skills you already have, so there’s no steep learning curve. And it’s completely portable. It’ll go with you anywhere in the world.

Winton Churchill told me this M&M story… and explained how you can take advantage of the same opportunity that school teacher grabbed. Listen in here to my conversation with Winton to find out exactly how.

P.S. For more details about this opportunity, go here.


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