How to Buy a Beach Bargain in the Dominican Republic

I have a couple of friends who would be the typical tourists who visit the Dominican Republic. They head to Punta Cana each winter to escape the cold and rainy weather back home. They settle into their all-inclusive beach resort, kick back for a couple of weeks, and never venture far from the hotel.

They dream of owning a second home on the island but think they can’t afford one. That’s down to the sky-high prices on the properties they look at close to their resort.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying that kind of vacation if that’s how you like to relax. But explore the world beyond the luxury hotel, and it’s easy to see that the Dominican Republic offers so much more than the bland, vanilla resort experience.

You see, you can afford a home in the Dominican Republic, even on a modest budget. Simply head to Las Terrenas, in the Samana peninsula.

Las Terrenas is my favorite spot in the Dominican Republic. It’s a true getaway, with golden sands, bright blue sea, and graceful coconut palms. There’s plenty of space to spread out and relax on the gorgeous beaches. It’s a good spot for snorkeling, swimming, and soaking up the tropical sun…

You’ll enjoy eating out, too. The tiny wooden buildings lining the beach look quirky. But step inside and you’re in gourmet heaven. You might find a local bar serving chilled beer, fresh shrimp and lobster….or a fancy place with snowy napkins, soft music and candles.

You can walk to cafes, restaurants, the beach, stores, supermarkets, and nightclubs. Or you could try one of the crazy motorcycle taxis that whiz past, loaded with goods and passengers.

Outside the town, you’ll discover miles of white-sand beaches, and pretty coves. And you’ll see the new highway. It’s almost complete. It will make getting to Las Terrenas quicker and easier.

You can find property bargains in this little corner of the Caribbean. I’m looking at details of a condo my local contact just sent me. It’s in a small complex with a restaurant and swimming pool. It’s only 100 meters from this beach (see photo above).

It’s on the market for $85,000.

Editor’s Note: Margaret Summerfield is a director of Pathfinder (IL’spreferred real estate advertiser). To get full details on great-value properties in Las Terrenas from her Live and Invest Overseas Conference 2011 presentation, listen to the recordings that were made.



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