How to Collect Your Second Passport

What’s your reason for not already having a second passport?

Too much effort? You don’t travel often enough? You’re happy with your home country, and the government representing it? You don’t need access to some of the world’s hottest capital markets?

All good reasons, to be sure.

But behind each good reason for not having a second passport lurks an advantage…a missed opportunity…

The ability to travel with ease to places where Americans aren’t often welcome…a degree of added insurance against an American collapse, catastrophe or other domestic dangers…and perhaps most importantly-the ability to engage in investments and tax planning that’s entirely off-limits to Americans…is something from which you may benefit.

So it’s a trade-off. You save the effort it would’ve taken to secure a second passport, but you forfeit a world of new opportunities.

But what if you could get a second passport with little or no effort at all? What if you were owed a second passport?

The key to this situation may lurk up in your family tree.

Several countries grant full citizenship based on the law of blood, jus sanguinis, even without a descendant ever having lived in the country.

All you need is a parent or grandparent who is (or was) a citizen of that country. These countries include Italy, Ireland, Poland, and others.

Arm yourself with this information and see which country applies to you.


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