How to Fund Your Life Overseas

What if you could collect your paycheck from the beach? Or from the terrace of a café in Rome? Or both? What if you could spend six months living la dolce vita and the rest of the year working on your tan…?

You don’t have to go to an office in the U.S. or Canada to maintain a respectable and well-paid career. With modern technology you can make a living from anywhere in the world.

And in this month’s issue of International Living magazine we show you how.

Like thousands of expats already out there doing it, you can be your own boss, have control of your life…and take the time to explore your new country—all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.

You can earn in one jurisdiction (where the cost of living is relatively high) and live in another (where the cost of living is much lower). That’s what Jason Gaspero does as a freelance copywriter. “I’ve got a career in which I’m in total control of my time, my income, and especially, my choice of workplace. Today I spend most of the year living on an island in Thailand. My ‘office’ is now the perfect place for some mid-day snorkeling!” says Jason.

But it’s not just writers. Take Denis Tonsing, a U.S. lawyer who lives—and works—in the highlands of Ecuador. Denis is drawing down U.S. dollars and at the same time living in one of the most affordable countries on earth. He helps law students to achieve their personal best in law school. And he does it all online.

Larry Snyder is a registered nurse whose website helps nurses with their continuing education. In 2008 Larry moved from Coral Springs, Florida, to a new life in Medellin, Colombia. “As the business grew it became clear I could do it from anywhere, and I really fell in love with Colombia,” he explains in this month’s magazine.

Other expats take their entrepreneurial leanings with them and find on-the-ground business opportunities they could never have imagined back home. Opportunities that generate an income.

Arnie White made all his career choices based on the possibilities for travel. When he met his wife Pam 25 years ago, he was involved with importing jewelry from Bali and Thailand. Now his wholesale jewelry business has offices in Virginia and Taxco, Mexico, and Arnie and Pam spend much of their time on the road. (They gave their interview for this month’s issue from Belize while enroute from Mérida, Mexico, to Guatemala.) For Arnie it all started as a way to fund his travels, but it turned into an income that funded a life abroad.

Barbara and Joe Wilson came to Ecuador for the “perfect weather, a low cost of living, the country’s safety and its natural beauty.” But they found so much opportunity they couldn’t resist. Now they run an artisan chocolate business, a restaurant, a microbrewery and a hostel.

In this month’s issue Barbara reveals why it’s a good time to make the move and what kind of business opportunities you can tap into.

We’ve dedicated the April magazine to showing you ways to make your international lifestyle profitable…or at least self-supporting. We’ve spoken to the expats out there and got their advice, so start your adventure now… Find out how to fund your life overseas in the April issue when you subscribe to International Living magazine.

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