How to Get a Second Passport… and Other Offshore Secrets

Did you know that if you have Irish ancestors you may be eligible to obtain an Irish passport? It’s true…and it’s pretty easy to do. And that Irish passport can open lots of doors for you…

For instance, you can get a job anywhere in the European Union… You can easily open a bank account somewhere like Switzerland… As an Irish passport holder, you can travel more safely to some countries of the world…

Don’t have Irish ancestors? There are other countries where you can obtain a second citizenship. Like Panama

Right now, Panama offers huge opportunities for anyone who wants to retire or start a business there. Importantly, Panama is offering an entirely new pathway to residency…including for anyone who wants to work in Panama.

But be aware, as Panama attorney Rainelda Mata-Kelly says, that the window of opportunity for this new Panama visa option may be limited. It’s being offered by the current government administration, she cautions—and any future administration may change the requirements or do away with this residency option altogether.

So if you’re interested, she says, “Act now…so you will be grandfathered in.”

Rainelda Mata-Kelly and other top experts in the area of overseas investing, asset protection, and residency issues recently convened at an Executive Offshore Summit that I was privileged to attend, to discuss these issues and more.

They also included U.S. and Canadian tax experts, offshore trust attorneys from the U.S., top global investment advisors, and some of the most-respected and reputable attorneys from countries like Panama, Belize, Uruguay—where you’ll find some major opportunities right now….

For instance, did you know that perhaps the world’s best, top-grade soil and underground aquifers are found in Uruguay? That’s one of the reasons—along with low prices—that investing in farmland in his country makes so much sense, says Uruguay attorney Juan Frederico Fischer.

Uruguay is also another place where it’s easy to obtain citizenship. Attorney Fischer, who is an expert in all this and more, shared all the details. It’s also a smart place to park your money, too—bank privacy laws are still intact in Uruguay.

There are a couple of other countries that are logical choices if you’re looking for safe banking havens, too—or to establish a wealth-preserving foundation, corporation, or family trust. At this special Offshore Summit, we learned all about these—as well as some of the places that make sense to move or retire to.

Example: English-speaking Belize’s QRP (Qualified Retirement Persons) program offers some particular benefits to anyone who wants to move to that gorgeous little slice of Caribbean paradise—and you needn’t be of retirement age to take advantage of these benefits.

Same with Panama—it’s known as having the best retirement incentive program in the world. And as I said, it’s never been easier to obtain residency or start a business in Panama than it is right now.

If you don’t think these issues should be important to you, think again. To better understand, I’d urge you to spend a few minutes learning more about why you might want to have a second passport…why you definitely want to move at least some of your money to an overseas bank…and how to act on opportunities you’d never even hear about at home.

Here’s how to get the inside line…


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