How to Know if Panama is for You

I’ve hosted a lot of International Living conferences and seminars, but this is the first time I’ve heard one of our events rated in this particular way.

An attendee at our Fast-Track Panama Conference came up to me after the final presentation. “You know how I can tell if I’m getting something out of a conference?” she asked. “I forget to check my e-mail during the presentations. I didn’t check my e-mail once during today’s session.”

Believe me, in a conference hall where almost all the 420+ attendees have their laptops, tablets, phones, personal data assistants, and every other imaginable communications device with them, that’s high praise.

These days, everyone has an electronic universe at hand that they can slip into if they lose interest in what’s happening in front of them. But the presenters and information at this Fast-Track Panama Conference kept the audience firmly rooted in the reality of the good life in Panama.

It helps that we had so many speakers who are really living the life in Panama. Harry Hunt came to Panama from Cape Cod to become one of the funniest spokesmen around for the highland town of Boquete in Panama’s lush Chiriqui Province.

Stephen Johnson gave us a no-holds-barred account of the life he and his wife, Linda, have made for themselves in a small beach town on Panama’s Pacific coast.

Jessica Ramesch, who revels in her life in modern, bustling Panama City, offered a rundown on Panama’s Caribbean coast and the idyllic islands around Bocas del Toro… including what NOT to do if you’re thinking about buying property in the area.

We heard from some of the best professional resources in the country, including legal experts like Rainelda Mata-Kelly, who keeps her finger on the pulse of financial and visa options in Panama. Like many other countries, Panama is constantly adjusting legal and financial requirements for its several kinds of visas… most recently to the distinct advantage of expats moving here. Rainelda and our other experts had attendees paying close attention to the latest updates on these issues… and even to the most current tax considerations for expats.

(And getting people to forget their e-mail and Facebook posts to hear about taxes is quite a trick…)

I think it’s because the attendees at this conference are serious about making a move that improves their lifestyles and makes their money go further than it can back in the U.S. and Canada. They soaked up all the information, experience, and personal perspectives our presenters gave them, and more than a few of them will use that info to change their lives for the better in Panama.

Of course, you could say that we’re already helping them improve their lives by helping them forget their Tweets and e-mails for a few hours and concentrate on something a bit more real… like the very real possibility of a better life in Panama.

Editor’s note: We recorded the entire Fast Track Panama Conference. Every expert, insight, tip and strategy—it’s all on tape. Here’s how to download the recordings of everything Dan mentioned above, plus more .


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