How to Make Money From the Back of an Elephant

I don’t own any animals and, for the most part, I tend not to get close to them. So what am I doing sitting 10 feet off the ground on the back of an African bush elephant in remote Zambia?

The short answer is: “experiencing one of my lifelong dreams to go on safari.” And what a safari it was, exceeding my wildest imagination and giving me close-up encounters with lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, and a long list of other wildlife.

But back to the elephant.

After my initial fear of falling off the beast subsided and I settled in for the ride, I was flooded with a torrent of powerful emotions. How had this really happened? How was I able to do something that only a small percent of people will ever experience?

My memories of those disastrous times in the 1990s are still pretty vivid. My family and I were evicted from our home and lost the only automobile we had to repossession.

I remember working a job where I was worn out and physically whipped at the end of every day. I’d fall into bed and conk out. Early the next morning, the alarm would go off and I’d have to get up and go do it again.

On the back of that elephant I was thousands of miles from those days, both literally and figuratively. And I’d come all that way because I’d stumbled upon a ridiculously simple formula for making money from e-books. I simply provided useful information that people were willing to pay for…information that I got freely from the public domain or, in some cases, paid others a small research and writing fee to prepare.

What appealed to me in the beginning still appeals to me today. The barrier to entry is very low. I didn’t need a special degree—or any degree, for that matter. I didn’t need much money to get started, which is a good thing, because I didn’t have very much.

The business and the lifestyle are portable. I have run my business from an internet café just off the Mediterranean in Sorrento…from the La Galerie Lounge at George V in Paris…from a beer hall in Prague, and lots of places in between.

There were three days in the Kalahari Desert when I couldn’t access the internet but it really didn’t matter—most of my business is automated and much of the income is passive. In other words, the money shows up whether I show up or not.

Even all these years later I still wake up some mornings pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. After all, I get to share things with people that will improve their lives—and I get paid to do it. That allows me to experience a safari in Africa…eat the ceremonial 12 grapes at the strike of a New Year in Barcelona…visiting the ancestral home of my mother’s family in southern Italy, and on and on.

It’s the best of all worlds. And I’ve prepared a special presentation to show you how simple it is for you to live in that world too. Click here to see it now…


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