How to Make Money with Your Website

If you’re planning to make the big move abroad, you can create a new occupation for yourself right now—something you will simply love doing and make money from at the same time.

You can even get it going before you give up your job, making the transition to your new life overseas seamless.

All you have to do is start writing a blog on something you’re passionate about and turn it into a money-making website.

Write about whatever you like—and take it with you wherever you like. All you need is a laptop and the Internet. Move overseas with this under your belt and you can earn in dollars and spend in the local currency…a perfect way to stretch your income to fit the lifestyle you have always dreamed about.

Pick a topic you’re interested in—it could be food, fishing, travel, gardening or motorbikes—and create engaging articles or “posts” about your passion. It’s that simple. You’re writing about what you love.

And the more content you create for your website, the more readers you get. Then you can join an advertising network—and that’s where the money comes in. Folks selling products and services put their ad on your website and every time one of your readers clicks on it and buys from them, you get paid commission.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s a no-hassle way to make money, stay creative and live anywhere you choose.

Almost as soon at the World Wide Web became available to us, many people began to write a log of what they were doing—and so began the web log, or blog.

Our natural desire to communicate had just found a new outlet.

Now blogging is huge and you can follow the experiences of other people as they build houses, restore furniture, or experiment with cooking. You can also set up your own site relatively easily and share your passion with others.

And you don’t have to be a “writer” to do it. Because the best posts are often just short-and-sweet notes about something you’ve noticed or learned—a comment on a news report, a review of a new product… things like that.

In fact, in the current issue of Incomes Abroad, I tell you about one blogger who works on her site a few times a week. When she started out, it made $21.97 for the month. Less than two years later, it now brings in more than $4,000 per month.

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