How to Pay for the Life You’ve Been Dreaming About…

It’s a big myth that people who write for a living are starving artists. Most of the writers I know make a very good living. They also enjoy lifestyles that most people only dream of.

I’m talking about a very specific type of writing, one that serves a multi-billion dollar industry that has grown exponentially since the introduction of the Internet.

It’s copywriting.

So what is it? Well, it’s when you get an invitation letter from an auto club, read a product description in catalogs or the text on a software company’s website…all of this has been written by copywriters—and you can bet they got well paid for it.

But here’s the thing…copywriting is something anybody can do. Sure there are some techniques and “tricks of the trade” you’ve got to pick up, but they’re easy to learn and implement.

Companies generate such big profits from this type of writing that they are willing to pay copywriters top dollar. So how much are we talking? Try $25,000 for writing a single letter, plus royalties (a share of the profits). Or maybe $1,000 for rewriting a home page of a website.

And it’s quite easy to make $50,000 or more a year within your first year as a copywriter. With some experience under your belt, you could bump that up to $100,000. Then there are the top level copywriters who make mid-six figures or more.

Because so many copywriters are freelance they set their own schedule, pick and choose clients, and live wherever they want.

If you’ve got access to the Internet—and that’s pretty much everywhere these days—you can make anywhere your home base.

One freelancer I know from Wisconsin recently took off to Quito, Ecuador for a month. He wrote in the morning and then spent the afternoons exploring. He went offline for an entire week when he stayed in a traditional village in the rain forest. He could work around it so his income didn’t suffer.

I know another writer living full-time in Ecuador, in the colonial highland town of Cuenca. Her clients didn’t even know she was overseas. Another friend has been traveling around Southeast Asia for years. One month it’s the white-sand beaches of Ko Samui in Thailand, the next it’s bustling Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Being a copywriter means you get to go where you want, when you want—with the money and free time to make the most of life.

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