How to Profit From Mexico’s Best Beaches

Can you spot the difference between these two photos?

This is what can happen when the Path of Progress rolls through. Real estate prices rise faster than the rate at which shiny high-rises spurt from beachfront sites. In Cancun, Mexico owners of little fishing huts became millionaires.

Today, it’s happening all over again. Just because things are quiet…maybe even stagnant…in your home town doesn’t mean it’s like that everywhere. There are three places on my radar that are just embarking on their great growth curves.

It’s fitting that when we gather in Cancun in February for International Living’s Ultimate Event we’ll drill down to three places attendees will be able to profit from this Path of Progress. It will be real. We’re right in the heart of the best laboratory for this type of thing.

The Path of Progress transformed this sandy spit of land to what it is today. Cancun might or mightn’t be your cup of tea. As an investor, you shouldn’t care. Millionaires were created overnight. But the Path of Progress is not done with this stretch of coast. We’ll wiggle our toes in the sand and see what happened and why…what could happen 80 miles down the coast where the beaches are even nicer…and how we could stand to make a killing.

We’ll even get to take a field trip before or after the presentations, private meetings and networking wraps up.

Today the Path of Progress is rolling down this coast to the little beachtown of Tulum. That’s just 80 miles away from our meeting room at the luxurious CasaMagna Marriott in Cancun.

Tulum’s beaches are mesmerizing. Nestled at the end of a stunning white-powder-sand Caribbean coastline, surrounded by untamed jungle, ancient forest cities, a protected nature reserve, and the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. You will find miles of crescent-shaped beaches lapped by turquoise waters. The world’s second-longest coral reef hugs the seashore. There are no high-rise condos or big shopping malls or spring-break crowds on these tranquil beaches.

This tiny town started as a backpacker retreat. Most of the hotels were a collection of primitive thatched huts on the sand, surrounded by beachside jungle. But it’s now turning into an upscale eco-destination, where travelers pay up to $500 a night to practice yoga on the beach and stay in minimalist suites with solar-powered flat screen televisions and iPod docking stations.

The white sandy beaches of Tulum are Mexico’s finest. You just can’t replicate that. Now Mexico’s Fonatur (the government agency that effectively created Cancun) have a plan to bring 11 million tourists to this stretch of coast. The plan includes new roads, bridges, flyovers and even an international airport that in time could rival Cancun’s in size.

Tulum can’t sprawl south along the coast. The protected Sian Ka’an biosphere now covers more than 2 million acres. That limits the amount of land available for residential and resort development.

That’s good news if you own land here as the Path of Progress rolls through. We’ll get into this in more detail at the Ultimate Event. If you haven’t yet registered, do so now.

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