How to Retire 10 Years Early (Yes, You Can!)

Even if you don’t think you’re ready to retire… we learned today that ANYTHING is possible…no matter your age… or the size of your bank account.

For example, in 2000, Suzan Haskins and her husband Dan Prescher took an early retirement from their marketing jobs. Ten years early, in fact.

These Omaha natives had a modest income, some money tucked away and grown children. They enjoyed their jobs and what they were doing. They didn’t like winter in Nebraska. But hey, nowhere is perfect. As Suzan says, “We lived good lives…we were happy and healthy.”

But they had a revelation. Retiring in the U.S. is expensive. Throw in healthcare costs and it gets really expensive. Did they pout? Nope. They figured out how to retire early and live well for the rest of their lives without ever becoming millionaires…

Put simply, they discovered how to do more things they always wanted to do…

I’m Darius Fisher and I’m your live-from-the-scene reporter, writing to you this week from the Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference.

I’m in Las Vegas with over 600 of your fellow International Living members. (This is our biggest conference ever!) They’re all here because they have big dreams. Giant dreams, in fact, of finding the best place in the world to live…for them.

Everyone wants something different, you see. Some long for a mountain retreat where the air is crisp and clean. Some seek an exotic hotspot on a quiet beach…

Others are on the lookout for a small plot of land where they can grow their own fruits and veggies. And still others are looking for a grand apartment in a culturally happening city.

As of today, they have dozens of places to choose from. These are the secret spots that our editors and writers have uncovered over the years. And in today’s ever-more challenging world, they just make sense.

Villages, towns, cities and hidden enclaves in Belize, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Ecuador, Ireland, the Philippines, Italy, Spain, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil—to name a few.

How Soon Can You Retire?

But I’m getting off track. Back to Suzan and Dan’s dream retirement…

“We started planning for retirement,” Suzan said. “But rather than thinking ‘will we retire at age 60 or 70…’ we started asking: ‘How can we retire now?'”

But, she said, they had a revelation. And it led them south of the border to Quito, Ecuador. And, boy, did it pay off.

They’ve been living well in Latin America ever since. I say Latin America, because they didn’t just plant themselves in Quito and call it a day.

They traveled. And they ended up living in Panama… in Nicaragua… in Mexico… and finally back to the mountains of Cotacachi, Ecuador, where they live now.

Their story sure says something about Ecuador. This globetrotting couple have traveled the world… and they like Ecuador best for good, easy, and low-cost living…

Suzan shared all the details about her life in Ecuador with those of us at the International Living Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference. She offered all the pluses and the minuses—of all the countries they’ve called home.

Suzan showed us exactly how much she lives on comfortably in Ecuador. (Here’s a hint: it’s probably less than your mortgage payment right now.) She also revealed how her neighbors, Ron and Terresa Moore, can live on just $900 a month…

I’ve heard Suzan talk about this before, of course, but this time it’s different.

She offered all the specifics about what life is really like… everything from her electricity bills… healthcare costs… all the way to her beer budget—all backed up by easy-to-understand budget numbers.

Everything she said resonated with the audience in a big way. Ecuador has really hit a nerve for attendees today.

These are challenging times, after all. And the 600+ people here (and probably you, too, I’m guessing) are worried about what the future has in store. They’re more than ready, though, to rise to the challenge and start making plans. That’s why they’re here.

A quick snapshot of the audience: Many of those here at the conference are either retired or are preparing to retire soon.

They want to get their hard-earned money (and themselves) out of harms way while they can. Others want to start new businesses or find moneymaking opportunities in a new location where they have more “personal freedom,” as one 60-year-old attendee told me.

Another attendee who I met wants to move to Ecuador for a lower cost and better lifestyle. He wants to “live a quieter, less expensive life” away from the distractions of today’s in-your-face culture.

In fact, all the expats I spoke with today have three things in common:

1. They don’t believe the economy in the U.S. will turn around any time soon.

2. They’re taking matters in their own hands and making plans for the future.

3. And they’ve worked hard…they’re ready for a dignified, early retirement.

“Nobody’s going to take care of us,” one man from Tucson, Arizona told me. “Not the government, not the banks, not the companies we work for, and not our kids…they can’t find jobs!”

He’s attended our conference in Ecuador before and now he’s serious about moving there…

But we didn’t just learn about Ecuador today. We really took a trip around the world…

Try Before You Buy, in Belize, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, and More

People are more cautious these days. With dwindling financial resources, they have to be. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t big opportunity when you know where to look.

Ronan McMahon had everyone’s attention when he explained the hottest real estate markets to make money fast.

Ronan is International Living’s preferred real estate scout. He finds the best deals and negotiates the best terms, bar none, for our readers. Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, and Greece…he’s discovered “hidden gems” that offer big opportunity… at very low prices. But to get all the specifics… you need to be here!

Dream Big. Starting Right Now

If there is anything we’ve learned here in Vegas, it’s that a world of opportunity awaits. And it’s time to put all those big dreams into “action mode” and start figuring out where we go from here.

Just to give you an idea about what else we heard today. We learned of the five best neighborhoods to live in Panama. And where to find an amenity-packed, 800-square-foot apartment for just $65,000.

We also got the inside skinny on Ambergris Caye, Belize. A beautiful spot where you can rent a one-bedroom oceanfront condo for just $850 per month!

That was courtesy of the colorful Glynna Prentice. Believe it or not, she has found spots in Belize—one of the world’s last available tax havens—where you can live on $1,130 per month. That includes rent… groceries… healthcare… electricity… even nights out on the town!

I wish you could have been here. Maybe it’s because we’re in Las Vegas, where anything goes, but despite the doom and gloom of the economy, there is optimism in the air.

This is a conference jam-packed with information, make no mistake. We’re full speed on the go, in more ways than one. In fact, everyone here hopes to be going somewhere new and exciting very soon. Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, Belize, Costa Rica—so many options! We’ve learned about all these and many more.

The information being shared here will change more than a few lives. And it can change yours, too.

You have a chance to learn what we’ve learned…

To help you fast-track your plans of moving to or investing in your own corner of paradise…wherever that might be…we’re putting together a complete package of nearly everything that’s happening at this event (minus the cocktail parties and coffee breaks, of course).

We’re making audio recordings of all 30 presentations and 18 workshops—48 sessions in all!

We’re also making copies of the handouts, PowerPoint and visual presentations. And you get the complete dossier we give to each attendee when they showed up here at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.

We call it our Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package. It’s your own personal power pack…your viewing window to every aspect of the 2012 Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference. And we guarantee it will help you fast-track your plans of moving to…or investing overseas. (More about that guarantee in a minute.)

When you order the Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package you can catch up with those of us in the audience here in Las Vegas.

In fact, you’ll have a distinct advantage over those of us attending the conference: You can to listen to all of the presentations whenever you want, from the comfort of your home or office…and with as many breaks as you need. (You may miss out on the cocktail parties and coffee breaks in Vegas, but you can have your own at home, while you listen to these valuable recordings at your leisure!)

Watch the PowerPoint presentations, read through the handouts, listen to the audio recordings, copy them to your iPod and listen to them any time, any place. Skip around to the presentations that interest you most, take notes… More importantly, you can listen to them as many times as you like, so you don’t miss a thing.

RESERVE YOUR Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package FOR THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE…

I know it isn’t always possible to attend our events. After all, your personal and business obligations come first. That’s why we’re making the information from this seminar available to you even if you couldn’t join us in Las Vegas.

The full price to attend this sold-out event was $895—but you can secure yourself a copy of the Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package for only $149… a mere fraction of what attendees paid to join us here in Las Vegas.

Being here in person is more than worth that amount, of course. But we understand that not everyone can be here. Still, if you’re interested in any aspect of retiring, relocating, or confidently investing overseas we want you to have a chance to hear what conference attendees are hearing this week.

To sweeten the deal, we’re throwing in a $100 voucher toward any International Living conference or seminar. Use it to attend next year’s Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference (or any future event or seminar you may be interested in). You see, we do want you to attend one of our events in person some time soon.

But, this is a limited time offer only.

Once the Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package is available for download, we’ll increase the price to $249.

Your discounted price, of just $149, includes:

  • Audio recordings of all our overseas experts’ presentations
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Reserve your copy today by completing our secure online form and save $100 on the Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package.


Let me repeat: we’ll only offer this low price until we have the recordings ready to deliver to you. At that point… we’ll charge the full price of $249.

Point is: there won’t be a more affordable time to reserve your copy. This special conference discount is only available for a very limited time.

We’ll send the information about how to obtain your conference package as soon as we’re finished making copies of the recordings, the handouts, the PowerPoint presentations, etc.


The 24 experts at this event cover every possible aspect of living and investing around the world. After you’ve heard their briefings, there’ll be nothing to stop you from acting on the information they share.

Because of that, we’ll return every penny you paid for this information if it doesn’t help make your overseas dreams come true.

If This Information… These Tips and Secrets… Don’t Work, You Pay Nothing.

You can call us at any time in the future—next month…next year…or next decade—and tell us the information didn’t help you. (Or don’t tell us anything. Just ask for your money back.) We’ll give you back your $149. And your $100 voucher, good toward any future event—and your special bonus report—is yours to keep.

So if you’re serious about tapping into the opportunities still available for good living and an easy affordable retirement, I urge you to take advantage of this offer and reserve your Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package now.



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