How to Take Your U.S. Job to a Tropical Island

Isla Mujeres is small. At five miles long and a half-mile wide, Valerie Pasnau feels it provides the perfect lifestyle for her and her husband, John.

It’s easy to understand why they would choose the picturesque Caribbean island just eight miles off the coast of Cancún, Mexico. “The island has everything we need and almost everything we want,” she says. “What we don’t find here, we can find in Cancún, just a short ferry ride away.”

And as far as a daily commute is concerned, there is none. A motor scooter provides Valerie’s primary transportation on her small island paradise.

Valerie and John wanted to trade their expensive, corporate-based lives in Connecticut for a more relaxed and affordable existence. But while John was ready to retire, Valerie was still enjoying her job.

That left them with a dilemma.

“I really loved my work. It paid very well and had great benefits,” she says. “It was wonderful that my husband, John, could retire…but things were going great with my career…and the money was nice to have.”

Valerie was running the training program for a large hospital corporation…and she reckoned she could do the vast majority of her work from her computer anywhere on the planet.

So Valerie looked at how she could become a remote-location employee.

“I set up a meeting with my supervisor and laid out my detailed plan,” Valerie says. “He agreed…with only a few questions on the logistics of how things would work. Much of what I do is write and prepare training materials for distribution and presentation, as well as reviewing the work my team does. The internet easily connects the entire team.”

Things fell into place for Valerie with few problems. “Despite a few initial questions, my supervisor is very happy with my situation,” Valerie says. “My travel expenses are even less now than they were before.”

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