How to Turn Your Work Week into a Dream Vacation

When Aaron Bradford first traveled to Southeast Asia in 2008, he had no idea he’d wind up staying. He visited Thailand…Laos…VietnamMalaysia…and Indonesia. He explored undiscovered beaches, wild jungles, and ancient temples. He tasted exotic cuisine. And he made new friends from all over the world.

His original plan had him returning home once the trip was over. But as time went on, Aaron began to fall in love with his new lifestyle in Southeast Asia. So much, in fact, he began to shudder at the thought of returning to his dreaded 9-to-5 lifestyle back in cold, dreary England.

So he began to brainstorm for ways he could fund his new lifestyle in Southeast Asia. And hopefully stay for good.

Then Aaron set up some travel websites for businesses in his adopted hometown of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Thanks to the income from this, five years after first deciding he wanted to stay, he’s still living his Southeast Asian dream.

“One of the reasons I chose Cambodia as a home base was its prime location,” he explains. “I’m able to get out and do something exciting or interesting on any given day. Like hopping over to Thailand or Vietnam.”

Aaron likes to spend his free time on his custom-built dirt bike. He loves the freedom of being able to take off on a road trip up the coast to charming little towns like Kampot or Kep. “Kampot is a great place to relax,” Aaron said. “And in Kep, you can eat the tastiest fresh-caught crab you’ll ever have.”

Sometimes, when Aaron is feeling a bit more “extreme” he’ll ride into the jungle and “tear up the old logging tracks” as he likes to say.

And when he’s not feeding his “inner daredevil,” Aaron enjoys diving, snorkeling, boat trips to the nearby island of Koh Rong and hanging out on the beach in Sihanoukville with friends.

The ultra-low cost of living in Cambodia is another huge plus for Aaron.

“I can order a seafood dinner on the beach for $3 and an ice-cold beer for $1 just about anywhere,” said Aaron. “Plus, the Internet connections here are surprisingly fast. It’s really easy to grow my business, save money, and enjoy a fun and unique lifestyle.”

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