How to Work Overseas at 29+

When my wife Janina and I decided to move to Mexico from Oklahoma City, one of our biggest concerns was our finances. We moved out of our home country at the ages 29 and 30…far from retirement age. We came to Mexico with every intention of finding work.

In the States I worked as a freelance video producer and most recently worked for a large furniture company on television commercials and product photography. I had no idea how I would use those skills in Mexico to earn an income. Turns out I was looking at it all wrong…

I needed to stop worrying about creating work in Mexico and start searching for work outside Mexico. That way, I could do all my work from my casa in the south, in the city of Merida.

We both love Merida and all that it has to offer. The weekly city events never cease to amaze us, and the people here are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Just yesterday we were able to visit our beautiful zoo, eat a delicious lunch, go dancing in our local plaza and enjoy dinner and a bottle of wine…all for under $25.

Most of our income comes from creating videos for a Yucatan website. But I recently took up a sideline.

This was possible due to some tips and tools that I picked up from Winton Churchill’s program on freelancing.

I must admit, when I came across Winton’s ideas about “turning your skills into income, adventure and luxury abroad,” I was pretty skeptical. After all, I had been a freelancer before and thought I knew all the tricks and tips I needed.

But I was wrong, and in fact learned many valuable secrets. I was introduced to numerous websites filled with clients from all over the world looking for freelancers to do everything from proof-reading, web design, graphic design, and legal work, to writing, computer programming and arts and crafts. The staggering number of jobs available blew me away! The fact that I could do them all from the comfort of my Mexican hammock sealed the deal for me.

Since I took up this freelancing sideline three months ago, I have been able to comfortably pay our rent with the extra money. I usually put in about 15 hours a week into these online freelance projects, which allows me to focus on my family and my full-time job.

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