How Will You Make Your “M&M” Money?

One of my favorite stories is about a retired school teacher I know. Right now, she’s living in Mexico…and is earning what she calls “M&M money.” It’s not for the candy. It’s money for massages and margaritas.

She’s figured out an easy way to augment her retirement income in just a handful of hours a month, working from her new home overseas.

Once she’s got her few hundred dollars every month, she takes the rest of the month off. She can travel for a few weeks if she wants…and then, when she comes home, get back to it and generate a little more.

There’s no clock to punch. She just works when she wants. And for her, that means having enough to fund those extras…provide a little cushion…keep her comfortably in massages and margaritas…

It’s something you could easily do, too, from anyplace overseas. But if you wanted to make more, you certainly could. This is something that can provide a full-time income (and does for thousands of people.)

In fact, you could get started in as few as 72 hours. It’s something you do with skills you already have, so there’s no steep learning curve. And it’s completely portable. It’ll go with you anywhere in the world.

You could change your life this year. In fact, in just 21 days, you could experience a new-found freedom.

Freedom to travel—when you want to. Where you want to. And how you want to. Freedom from your job. From your boss. And from your day-to-day money worries.

It’s all part of the “Get Paid Anywhere” Income Challenge.

This challenge is about giving you a means to get from where you are now, to that life you dream about…

…to that place where you have the comfort of a financial fallback…a completely flexible income you control, that you can turn on as you need it. And take with you overseas…

That’s the backbone of the “Get Paid Anywhere” Income Challenge. It gives you a solution that works whether you’re on the cusp of retirement or if it’s still a long way off.

You can get paid to do something you already know how to do—and cash in from anywhere on the planet.

You know, most of our readers would agree: Getting paid to live overseas sounds pretty nice. But it can be hard to get from that dream to seeing how, practically speaking, you really can do it.

That’s why this program is so important. It’s the perfect way for you to lay the groundwork for a portable, international life.

Get on board now—take the “Get Paid Anywhere” Income Challenge. URL And before you know it, you’ll have moved one of the biggest stumbling blocks to your life overseas out of the way.

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