Hunting for Property in Costa Rica

I’m in the Lake Arenal region in search of bargain priced property in Costa Rica. Here’s the view from the back porch of my favorite property so far:

Arenal has an ideal climate—no AC needed, even on the “hottest” days.

It has a close-knit community of expats from all over the world (about 400 people, I heard). Many have opened restaurants showcasing their home cuisines. You have German restaurants, Austrian bakeries, American steakhouses, and what many say is the best restaurant in the country at the Gingerbread Hotel.

Its slower pace of life is also a big draw. It’s just downright tranquil. There are never more than a dozen boats on the lake’s 33 square miles. On shore, homes, boutique hotels, and art galleries dot the hillside. And any development melds with the scenery—nobody wants to mess with those views.

Affordable property in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for affordable property in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal certainly warrants a closer look. The 1,200-square-foot villa that has the lake view in the photo above is $195,000.

The nine-foot ceilings and open floor plan let in a ton of natural light and allow you to enjoy Lake Arenal from the back porch, living room, and master bedroom window. Even better, because it’s set on a high hill on the lake shore and right next to a greenbelt that will remain undeveloped, the view is totally unobstructed.

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