I Knew There Was More to Life…Now I’ve Found it

Who doesn’t dream about traveling to exotic places, far away from the humdrum of their everyday life? It’s a great escape.

I spent 22 years working in retail, dreaming about the places I wanted to go. Instead I was stuck inside a mall, often working double shifts from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Something kept telling me there had to be a way I could enrich the quality of my life. So, once my two sons were out on their own, I took time out for me…and that’s when I discovered the Red Carpet Passport.

Now I live from adventure to adventure, enjoying every minute of it.

The Red Carpet Passport makes much of my travel complimentary and allows me to indulge my love of far-off places.

Every time I travel, I search out some historical feel for the place I’m visiting.

Wandering around the colorful city of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, I was immediately drawn to the imposing fortress known as El Morro. I saw it from the plaza, where I had been enjoying my surroundings with girlfriends after sampling a free drink (or two), thanks to the city’s love of rum.

We walked across the vast expanse of lush, green grass to get to the resplendent fortress. The sight was jaw dropping, to say the least. Inside, we spent more than an hour exploring.

Leaving El Morro, we watched children and adults flying kites in the strong winds out near the water, their laughter traveling to us across the breeze. It was a nice day, with sunshine and warm temperatures.

Next month I head to Miami, to spend the day at an interactive zoological park. I cannot wait to see all three of the shows running on the day of my visit and can’t decide if I want to spend more time in the Wild Encounter (big cats) or with the African Penguins. After sending a query letter to a contact at the park, I was lucky enough to be able to land three passes for the day

In May, I am off to Nova Scotia to see the lighthouses all along the Bay of Fundy.

I also want to go to Germany, a place steeped in history that’s both good and bad.

And I feel the need to get to Iceland, where the people who live there still believe in elves and fairies (just like I do) that wander through the dense forests throughout the countryside.

Honestly, traveling is in my blood and I live the life of travel every single chance I get.

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