I Took My Job on the Road and Searched for My Overseas Home

My husband Tom and I have adventurous spirits. So, last March, we decided to embark on a new adventure, having lived in Puerto Rico for two years. We’d always dreamed of living in Mexico so we packed up everything, put ourselves and our dog on a plane to Miami, picked up a car there, and started driving south.

In our first five months, we traveled over 6,000 miles around Mexico. We weren’t sure where we wanted to live but the Yucatan Peninsula interested us…as long as we were on the beach.

Our first stop was San Miguel de Allende. This wasn’t a place we were going to live but I had been here before and wanted to show it to my husband. This colonial city boasts beautiful architecture, wonderful artist galleries, music, fabulous food, roof-top cafes with a view of the city, and tequila bars. We spent a month here exploring and learning about the city and its people.

Our days in San Miguel were filled with Spanish classes in the morning and then the afternoons were either working or exploring.

Once our time in San Miguel was done it was on the road again. Next we headed to the Yucatán with the intention of visiting a number of different places in order to see if we wanted to live there. We checked out Campeche, Progreso, Mahahual, Isla Mujeres, and Isla Holbox and in each place we had amazing adventures, ate fabulous food, and met wonderful people.

Progreso and Mahahual are both cruise ship stops so enjoyed sitting at a local café, sipping on cold drinks, and watching the tourists go by. Isla Mujeres has the most beautiful blue Caribbean water with white sand beaches and Isla Holbox was our destination for whale watching.

The best thing is that during all our travels I could continue working, was able to keep my clients happy, and still had a steady income. Each week I would look ahead at what we wanted to do and then schedule my work around it. I set up a schedule with my freelancing clients to work a few hours each afternoon from Tuesday to Thursday. It was the perfect schedule for long walks down cobblestone streets and having lunch or dinner in a side walk café.

The great thing about freelancing is being able to work a few hours each day or work just a few days a week. As long as I meet my client’s expectations and deadlines, I have the freedom to have my own schedule. When I am traveling, I take on technical writing work that has a set amount of work and a deadline. Once I know how much work needs to be done, I set aside time for that work and just ensure that I’m in a place with a good internet connection, for research and Skype calls, and a place that’s comfortable to work on my laptop.

We have finally settled on a place on the Gulf of Mexico which is located on the north end of the Yucatán for our new home. We have a house on the beach that is a little off the beaten path but not too far away from anything we may need. This is a quiet, small fishing village with only a few other gringos, so we’re really getting to experience the Mexican culture and lifestyle.

Being able to work on the road has been an amazing experience for me. It gave me the time to explore Mexico, find our perfect home in the best location for us…and ultimately the life I had always dreamed of.

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