I Work in the Mornings: The Rest of the Day is Mine

Eric Myers was burning out. The high pressure and long hours of being a trial lawyer and business-law professor were beginning to take their toll. At 55 he knew that there just had to be a better way to live. “I knew that I wanted to live in a totally different country,” says Eric. “I had been visiting Colombia for vacations since 2007. The three-hour direct flight from either Miami or Fort Lauderdale made visiting very easy.”

In 2015 Eric finally decided to call Medellín home. “I fell in love with the city,” he says. “After living in the Florida heat all of my life, I really welcomed the perfect spring-like climate and the mountains in Medellín.”

Even though the Florida native was ready to slow down, he knew he still wanted to continue practicing law. “After researching the Florida rules, I found out I could do almost everything from a distance over the internet,” he says. So Eric opened a law practice that focuses on providing services for Colombians who want to immigrate to the U.S. to open or purchase businesses, or invest in real estate.

“I chose to live in El Poblado because it really is the hub of expat activity,” Eric says.

El Poblado is modern, upscale neighborhood with tree-lined streets and spotless green parks. Undoubtedly one of the most desirable areas in the city, it boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, elegant shopping boutiques, art galleries, and a buzzing and sophisticated food scene. With its rooftop, cocktail gardens and molecular gastronomy restaurants, the neighborhood gives off a real San Francisco vibe.

“My cost of living in Medellin is less than half of what it was in Florida,” says Eric. “Which allows me to work a much less stressful schedule. I usually spend the morning doing work. Then I walk to meet friends for lunch. My favorite place is Centeno, a vegetarian restaurant in the Provenza area. My afternoons are free to run errands.”

Eric rents his fully-furnished, air-conditioned apartment for less than $900 per month—all utilities included. Outside of the El Poblado area you can find three-bedroom apartments renting for just $650 (unfurnished) or $800 (furnished), and multi-roomed penthouses for between $900 and $1,600 a month.

Eric’s evenings are freed up to do what loves—go dancing. “I love all kinds of music,” he says. “There are some great dance spots on the top floor of Rio Sur (a trendy nightlife area) and I can walk there from my apartment.” On the nights he is not tearing up the dance floor with his salsa moves, Eric often goes to a language exchange. “It’s great, I get to meet new people from all over the world and practice my Spanish,” he says.

After a work week that is much less stressful than his prior life, Eric enjoys taking day trips both in and outside of the city. Whether it’s a cable car ride up the mountain to Parque Arvi, an eco-park located in the town of Santa Elena, or a two-hour car ride to Lake Guatape to enjoy some water sports, there are just not enough weekends in the year to do all that there is to do in and around Medellín.

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