This Is How I Identify a Strong Real Estate Opportunity

I spend my time hunting down opportunity to buy low and make a killing from real estate buys overseas. I always have a strategy in mind when I scout out a location for those opportunities.

Finding the best opportunity is not a matter of rocking up in a pretty place and recommending the first thing to catch my eye. I need to know how the market is likely to play out. And, whether the right real estate buy will appreciate in value—or have a significant rental yield angle.

A lot of research goes into identifying opportunity before I ever set foot in a destination. Months—even years—of research.

One of the elements of that research is watching market and economic trends. It’s the kind of big picture information that I don’t ever make a real estate recommendation without. Having that big picture information tells me whether a real estate buy will be worth more in the coming years. If I can’t see the potential for significant upside on a buy in a particular location, I don’t make a recommendation. I move on.

If you’re interested in investing well in real estate overseas, it’s the kind of information you need to have to hand before you even consider making a purchase.

One of the trends I look out for is what I like to call a “Path of Progress.” What that means is that a market is set for a massive rise in real estate values. It can happen for a number of reasons—a previously hard to reach area has got a new airport or roads that will open it up. Or, new government or business investment is being poured into a location that will bring new jobs and economic growth.

When you get in at the right time of a Path of Progress story, you’re set to do seriously well on real estate. You buy while real estate values are still low—and benefit as real estate prices rise.

One of the best examples on my beat of how this angle works in practice is Mexico‘s Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is the stretch of Caribbean coastline that runs from Cancun to the chic town of Tulum, 80 miles away.

Along this coastline, the Mexican government is investing heavily. It wants to repeat the success it saw with its master-planned resort city of Cancun. And the efforts are working. The Riviera Maya is on a tear. It’s seeing massive tourism growth. In some parts of the Riviera Maya, you could spend $3,000 a night to stay in a room by the beach.

Hotels are struggling to keep up with the tourist numbers. Development can’t happen quick enough to deal with that growing demand.

Now is the time to buy on the Riviera Maya. Get in on the right buy now and you could see strong income renting your place out to that growing vacationer market. And profit from serious capital appreciation on your buy as it rises in value.

This is one of the strongest Path of Progress stories on my beat. But it’s not the only one. At International Living‘s Retire Overseas Bootcamp this November, I’ll speak to you about all of my strategies to find the strongest real estate opportunities abroad…as well as about specific opportunities where you could see strong capital appreciation and rental yields. And, I’ll tell you much more about the opportunity in the Riviera Maya.

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