If Only They Knew How Great This Income Is

Strange things happen when I tell people at a dinner party that I “write” for a living.

At first, they’re excited…thinking they’ve just met a famous author, journalist, or screenwriter.

“What have you written? Anything I might have seen or read?”

I answer, “Maybe, but probably not. I’m not ‘that’ kind of writer…” I can see disappointment sweep across their faces.

When I tell them, “I’m a freelance copywriter. I write promotional letters for the financial publishing industry…” matters only get worse. My clumsy attempt to explain in more detail only adds to the confusion before I quickly (and mercifully) change the subject.

As we part ways, I know what they’re thinking:

“Yikes. Here’s a guy…mid-fifties…and he’s still a struggling writer.”

But if only they knew… If only they knew that the kind of writing I do lets me earn a very comfortable, mid-six-figure income…

If only they knew I can make that money from anywhere in the world.

And if only they knew that I keep what many would consider “part-time” hours (I’m usually writing by 7 a.m.—finished, most days, by noon).

It’s a pretty good life, I must say.

But here’s the best part…

Anyone can learn it. And anyone can do it.

That’s because the kind of writing I do isn’t “hard” writing—like I imagine writing a novel or a movie script would be. Or even those articles you see in Vanity Fair, The Economist, or The New York Times

With copywriting, you learn a pretty simple formula…then you just sit down at your computer and write—as if you’re writing a helpful letter or email to a good friend.

If a letter takes a month to write—and you only do six of them—it means you have six months of “off” time…time you could be traveling…golfing… pottering around the house—anything at all.

Or, you could decide to write three or four extra letters a year—make even more money…and still have two or three months a year to spend as you please.

Of course, you’ll need to learn the craft…and get a few successes under your belt before this “big” money starts rolling in. But once it does, it can be life-changing. And, it’s something you can do for as long as you like—well into your retirement years.

Another advantage: there are so many things to write about, there’s sure to be a niche that suits your interests…your experiences…and your professional background.

Then there’s the sheer freedom it gives you…

As a freelance copywriter, you don’t need a fancy office, employees, or inventory—just a good laptop computer and a reliable Internet connection. In fact, a lot of copywriters I know either live overseas or travel the world while they write—and they earn a very good income.

So there you have it…


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