If These Guys Can Make a Profit Online, Why Not You?

Jensen Wheeler Wolfe is a yoga instructor and “momtrepreneur” in New York City.

Jensen teaches yoga to children and adults, and during one of her sessions she had an idea to make simple and colorful yoga mats for kids. She cut up a large piece of foam matting into small rectangles for the kids in her class.

Jensen noticed the kids loved them—and so did the parents. She began getting orders and requests for the little kid mats. The problem was Jensen had no experience in this market, and she had no contacts in manufacturing to help her produce the mats.

She thought… “I’m not Nike. I’m not big enough. I’m just a mom.”

But then she stumbled onto the online marketplace I told you about yesterday…where she found a reputable manufacturer in Taiwan to produce the mats and export them to her at a reasonable cost.

Jensen’s Little Yoga Mats are now sold online and in more than 50 retail stores in the U.S.

Most people don’t realize you can also find partners in other countries to design and manufacture products for you, and then ship these products to you.

But this website helps thousands of people—even those starting small—to connect with suppliers around the globe.

Manuel Szulanski was a high school track and field coach in Argentina. With the help of this website, Manuel started his business (novelty gifts with names of schools and businesses) on the kitchen table in his apartment. Today he’s got a profitable global business, which is still run online from the same small kitchen table. Anna Shi also started her venture on a kitchen table.

Anna’s company designs, manufactures, and sells fashionable ladies garments.

In the beginning Anna could only sell the dresses she had in stock. But then she discovered a brand new market: bulk importers and wholesalers interested in custom designs.

Anna’s company, Ever-Pretty Inc. has become a versatile dress supplier with the resources to produce whatever designs a customer wants. Most of her buyers are from Australia, Europe, and the U.S. But she also sells to customers throughout Asia and the rest of the world too.

Today, Ever-Pretty enjoys millions of dollars in sales.

There is a rising trend of people starting small businesses, working from home, and even from kitchen tables just like Jensen, Manuel, and Anna. If they can do it, why not you?

In fact, I’ve profiled dozens of start-up stories. You can learn about some of them here.

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