If You’re Going to Dream…Dream Big

As my nephew Jason prepared to begin his first year of college, his thoughts naturally turned to potential careers.

“What would you really love to do?” I asked.

Jason thought for a moment before replying, “I’d just like to get a job I don’t hate too much.”

After a little auntie-to-nephew pep talk about the importance of shooting higher than “one notch above misery,” we talked about his love of baseball.

When I suggested he look into an internship at the minor league baseball stadium 10 miles up the road, his face lit up. I knew then that I’d tapped into Jason’s Big Dream.

Later that same week I had the pleasure of talking to a man with a wonderfully big dream, Lynn lives in his hometown of Erie, Penn. His old neighborhood, he said, has changed a lot. What really concerns him is how few positive outlets there are for the young people there.

Lynn’s first goal was to turn a boarded-up house into a multi-faceted arts program for kids…but his big dream was to create an entire “arts street” complete with murals and community gardens.

When Lynn told me he’d traveled to the capital to look into sources of state funding and a friend was interested in going in on buying the house, I was impressed.

“If you really want this dream badly enough,” I told Lynn, “I know it will happen.”

I believed that Lynn’s big dream would succeed because by taking action he’d set his dream in motion. And once a dream gets rolling it’s hard to stop.

It takes not one ounce of energy more to dream big than it does to settle. Settling is the emotional equivalent of idling at a red light. A big dream, though, is like soul fuel to your inner engine. A big dream jump-starts real change.

That is…if you have a plan. Sadly though, most people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do planning to realize their dreams.

Maybe all you really know right now is that you want to make a major change and it involves some form of international living. That’s ok. The important thing is to bump “make change” up a few notches and dream BIG.

If you dream of working at home…imagine doing it on a houseboat in the south of France or on an island in the Caribbean.

If you still need to earn a living…imagine doing it while B&B-sitting in Belize or creating a portable income so you can work out of your RV alongside your favorite fishing lake.

If you have so many passions that you can’t choose between—say, bargain-hunting, decorating, and traveling—picture being able to enjoy them all.

You may not get everything you want, but one thing is certain: You’ve got a lot more to lose by shooting low than you do by shooting high. The key is to make a plan.

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