IL Radio Episode 25: Living and Working on Ecuador’s Stunning Coast

Mike Sager says the Ecuador coast is like the California coast used to be… beautiful and cheap. He ought to know…he’s a California native who now makes his living as a real estate consultant between the beautiful beaches just north of Guayaquil at Playas all the way up to the surf meccas of Montañita and Olon.

It’s a big territory, and Mike handles it while pursuing his personal love of music and motorcycles. And he has some great advice for anyone who’s looking to follow the same expat path… it’s all in our interview with Mike on this episode of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.



Coastal Ecuador spans almost 1,400 miles

Ecuador’s Pacific Coast stretches from Esmeraldas in the north to Machala in the south and spans almost 1,400 miles. Along the way, you’ll find everything from burgeoning coastal resorts, tiny fishing, craft, and farming villages, and the country’s largest city, Guayaquil. The weather is tropical, and so is the laid-back and slow-moving attitude of the people.

Much of Ecuador’s most desirable beachfront real estate lies between the coastal resort city of Salinas and the Caribbean-style town of Esmeraldas.

Along this stretch of coast, you’ll find rocky cliffs, pristine beaches, secluded coves, and magnificent vistas. The booming port city of Manta divides the coast roughly into northern and southern sections.

On the southern coast, the resorts of Playas and Salinas share the distinction of being the closest beach towns to an international airport at Guayaquil. Both feature safe beaches, high-rise condos, good restaurants, and lively nightlife.

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