IL’s Weekly Wrap-Up Video: Property in Panama for $70,000; In Ireland for $49,000; and in Argentina for $55,000

In this video, Dan Prescher reports from Cotacachi, Ecuador with your weekly wrap-up of International Living postcards for the week ending March 19.


On March 14, Darius Fisher says that, if you’re not taking advantage of the newest trends when you book travel online, you’re probably leaving cash on the table…cash you could use to enjoy a few more days on the road, upgrade your hotel room or treat yourself to a nice dinner on the town. By now, you’ve probably heard of the discount travel “old timers” like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak and Priceline, but Darius says that over the past few years, new companies have popped up promising new ways to save you time, headaches and cash, and he tells you how to use them to your own advantage in his postcard.

Panama editor Jessica Ramesch tells us about some of her favorite neighborhoods in Panama City… a story she covers in great detail in the March issue of International Living magazine. In her postcard, Jessica highlights Parque Omar, one of the city’s largest parks and green spaces. The lush green expanse boasts a five-mile track, sports and events areas, and even a library. And near this beautiful park, bargain hunters can find apartments and homes starting at $70,000. Read Jessica’s postcard to find out more.

Arthur Hoffman writes in with seven detailed tips on how to get an authentic Chinese experience on the cheap in Hong Kong. Arthur covers everything from getting around this amazing city to things to do, see, and eat while saving lots of money. Including Ko Shing Street, Hong Kong’s street of herbal medicine, where you’ll find shop after shop selling herbal medicines of every description…and some that defy description, like dried lizards. It’s all in Hong Kong, and Arthur will show you where to find it in his postcard.

Our roving Latin America editor says that Salta, a city of 400,000 people hidden away in Argentina’s far northwest, defied his attempts to label it at first. It’s the best-preserved Spanish colonial city in Argentina, but also has native Andean and gaucho overtones that make it completely unique. On one hand, you can see Salta’s pre-Hispanic Incan roots in the local artisan’s market… but you can also enjoy the weekly concerts from the symphony orchestra. This remarkable mountain city is where we saw a new one-bedroom apartment for just $55,000 in one of the city’s nicest neighborhoods. There’s much more to Salta, and we tells you all about it in this postcard.

After a day off for Saint Patrick’s Day (our home office is in Ireland after all), Ronan McMahon of Pathfinder Real Estate wrote in to say that that now could be the perfect time to buy that home on the Emerald Isle you’ve always dreamed of. Ronan says that more than 80 properties in Ireland’s major cities will go under the hammer on April 15, in Ireland’s first sale of distressed, bank- and receiver-controlled properties resulting from its recent banking crash. Ronan says a two-bedroom condo in the midlands may go for as little as $49,000, and in Clifden on the Galway coast a large terraced house with three apartments could go for just $142,000. Ronan tells you the whole story in his postcard.

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