IL’s Weekly Wrap-Up Video: Save on Taxes…Stay in an Irish Castle for Less…Homes for $45,000 in Panama…and Much More

In this video, Dan Prescher reports from sunny Ecuador with your weekly wrap-up of International Living postcards for the week ending March 12.


On March 7, Mark Nestmann from Nestmann consultancy group reminds us that, despite all the rhetoric out of Washington these days, you can bet we’ll see tax hikes this year… and that means you should start planning now for what happens after 2012. Mark says putting measures in place to protect your wealth takes time, and you should start thinking about offshore opportunities right now. Mark tells you specifically which ones and how to take advantage of them in his postcard.

Our roving European reporter Steenie Harvey says that if you fantasize about a blazing fire, fine food, and hot whiskeys all served up in an honest-to-goodness castle, now’s the time to visit Ireland. Steenie says that, thanks to the recession, accommodation rates for heritage properties have plummeted, which gave her the chance to play Cinderella in the shadow of the Arigna Hills at Kilronan Castle. Steenie takes you along as she samples the luxuries of Irish castle life in her postcard.

IL’s Panama editor, Jessica Ramesch writes in from El Valle, one of Panama’s lush, green valleys, where the country’s elite have long had vacation homes thanks to the temperate weather that averages 5 to 10 degrees cooler than tropical Panama City. El Valle is the only place in the world where you can see square-trunked trees and Panama’s famous golden frogs, and Jessica knows a couple making a go of a B&B business in this little Shangri La. Jessica tells you all about it in her March 9 postcard.

Marvin Riddle introduces us to Playa La Barqueta, a beach town just 45 minutes from Panama’s northern business and airline hub of David. Marvin says he doesn’t mind the short commute… it was La Barqueta’s remoteness that drew him there in the first place. The beach is 16 miles long with dark gray volcanic sand, and half of it is marine refuge where loggerhead, olive ridley, hawksbill, and green sea turtles nest. There’s a lot more to this hidden Panamanian paradise, and Marvin gives you the details in his postcard.

International Living financial editor Chris Hunter shares something that’s helped some of the world’s richest people build and preserve wealth. In fact, he says it’s one of the most important insights into how to be a successful investor that he’s ever come across. He says it could double your returns and allow you to dramatically reduce your risk of losses while greatly increasing your potential gains. Find out exactly what Chris is talking about in his postcard.

Jessica Ramesch is back to take us on a tour of the highland town of Volcan in Panama, with warm days, cool nights, and very reasonable real estate, including a 7,500-square-foot lot near a well-known local Bed & Breakfast for just $17,500. For the same price you can get a lot three times that size 10-15 minutes by car from the town center. The same goes for houses, says Jessica. A small two-bedroom, one-bath house on a lot of over a quarter-acre is on offer for just $65,000. Jessica shows you just where to look for the best of Volcan in her March 12 postcard.

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