IL’s Weekly Wrap-Up Video: The Best Places to Live in Panama City…and Three Property Buying Tips For the Coolest Neighborhood in the City

In this video, Dan Prescher reports from Ecuador with your weekly wrap-up of International Living postcards for the week ending March 5.


Ever had the itch to travel but found that household bills meant you had to put your vacation plans on hold? In his postcard on March 1, Darius Fisher says he has a way to pay for that well-deserved break upfront and still cover the cost of mortgage payments or rent back home. He knows someone who used an online marketplace website to rent her apartment during her trip to Mexico, and Darius says you can do it, too. Find out how in his postcard.

International Living magazine editor Eoin Bassett gives us an inside look at one of the stories in the March issue of IL magazine—Jessica Ramesch, IL’s Panama editor,  reveals her favorite Panama City neighborhoods—the ones most worthy of your attention… especially if you’re dreaming of an airy, spacious condo with big picture windows and a balcony overlooking the sea. That’s just the tip of the iceberg… Eoin gives you the rundown of what else you’ll read in the IL magazine this month in his postcard.

Jessica Ramesch is back with a look outside Panama’s busy capital, where you can find a largely undiscovered paradise overlooking the Pacific. Anyone looking to live in Panama on next to nothing can find homes for as little as $35,000 here. It’s a little rough, a little isolated… and that’s exactly what some folks are looking for. If you’re looking for a bit of Panama’s tropical paradise at rock-bottom prices, Jessica will tell you exactly where to look in her March 3 postcard.

Margaret Summerfield of Pathfinder Real Estate (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser) lives in what she feels is the Panama City neighborhood with the most lifestyle and investment potential… the historic Casco Viejo area. She says this little peninsula of land is packed with historic buildings, and she loves the regular music and art festivals and the fact that it feels like a real neighborhood. She also has three important property buying tips that will help you make the right deal if Casco Viejo appeals to you. Find out more here.

Our man in South America, writes in with a postcard from Salta, Argentina. He says this Andean mountain town retains its Spanish colonial character without sacrificing high-grade infrastructure like drinkable water right out of the tap. It also has a symphony, art museum, theater… all the cultural amenities you could want… yet you can live here on a fraction of what it costs in Buenos Aires (you could buy a comfortable apartment in downtown Salta for less than $75,000, for example). We tell you more about this affordable Andean getaway in his March 5 postcard.

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