“I’m Living Proof That Copywriting is the Real Deal”

“Yeah, right.”

That’s the first thought I had when I discovered freelance copywriting…way back in 2001.

I just couldn’t believe that it was possible to “make great money…writing just a few hours day…from anywhere in the world.”
There was just no way.

WAY too good to be true.

I also could not believe that there were freelance copywriters out there pulling in as much as six-figures—and in some cases, even seven-figures per year—without the shackles of a traditional job or office.

Apparently, these superstars were making it happen all on their own…wherever in the world they wanted to be…completely on their own terms.

Yep…this thing had “pipe dream” written all over it.

But it sure was a nice dream. And it got me thinking.

Finally, the idea got the best of me. And I started questioning myself.

“Hmm…could there be a shred of truth to this ‘freelance copywriting’ thing? Could this be real? Should I actually look into this?”
“I mean…how nice would it be to wake up in the morning in some faraway exotic land, write for a few hours under a palm tree on the beach, finish up work for the day, then spend the rest of the day ‘living the dream’ in grand overseas style?”

“What a completely amazing international lifestyle that would be!”

You could do things like, say, photograph howler monkeys in the jungles of Nicaragua…explore the world-renowned museums of Paris…experience the thrill of driving on Germany‘s high-speed autobahn…watch the sunrise from the summit of a 10,000 foot volcano in Bali, Indonesia…learn several foreign languages…or whatever else may be on your “bucket list.”

Turns out, thank goodness, that freelance copywriting is the real deal.

In fact, I’m living proof of it.

You see, over the past decade or so, I’ve literally done all of the above…and much, much more.

And I’m nowhere near done yet.

Today, I’m based in Thailand—on the tiny tropical island of Koh Phangan.

It’s a wonderful place to live.

The people here are wonderfully friendly. The food is amazing. The weather is warm year-round. And the cost-of-living is still relatively cheap—especially when compared to Western standards. I can enjoy a nice lunch of steamed rice, steamed chicken, fresh steamed vegetables and a bowl of tasty soup for around $1.54.

And I’ll tell you something. Even with all the bad news surrounding Thailand recently, life is sure good here on Koh Phangan. In fact, I haven’t seen a police officer, a soldier, or a protester on this amazing island since this whole thing started! It’s been that mellow the whole time!

But I’m getting a bit sidetracked here. My apologies. I just really love my adopted home island.

Here’s my point… As a freelance copywriter, the world really is your oyster.

You really can live very well, earn great money, and enjoy life to the fullest anywhere in the world you want to be.

All you have to do is give it a shot and stay committed…just like I did over a decade ago.

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