Import-Export: A Quick and Easy Business Idea For Your Next Trip

One country above all others on our beat is a great place to try out your entrepreneurial side: Ecuador.

The Spanish guild system is still at work here, so each town and village specializes in one craft—leather work, ceramics, silversmith, guitar making, etc. Market towns like Otavalo bring the best of some of these crafts together in one easy-to-buy place.

Everything costs less in Ecuador anyway…but when you can go to the source of production, it can cost less again. A perfect way to gather a few items that you plan to sell for a mark-up back home.

If it works, do it on a larger scale…and you’re in business.

The last time Jessica Ramesch was in Otavalo, she shot a video tour of the market—you can watch it below.

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Otavalo is renowned for its textiles. And alpaca is a popular material in this part of the world. Jessica saw a husband and wife shopping team negotiate an alpaca wall hanging down from $75 to $65…and another shopper who bought two large alpaca scarves for a total of $10. At a department store like Macy’s, Jessica reports, you’d easily pay at least $30 for each scarf.

Another item that caught Jessica’s attention was a hand-carved, hand-painted chess set with a unique twist—the pieces carved to represent indigenous tribes versus the Spanish conquistadors. Jessica says you can buy a set like this in Otavalo for $10…and she’d happily pay $40 for something similar at a chain like Ten Thousand Villages in the States.

Watch her video here.

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