Blueprint for Your New Life in Uruguay

In the sophisticated capital city of Montevideo, you’ll find grand tree-lined avenues boasting stately 19th-century neo-classical and Baroque-style buildings with ornate wrought-iron balconies and balustrades. In one of the many shady plazas, you can grab a cappuccino at a small café and happily watch the world go by. The only way you’ll know you’re not in Europe is because you hear the tango music…

But in its cosmopolitan cities, towns, and beach resorts, Uruguay offers a lifestyle that’s even better than what you’ll find in Europe—or anywhere else in the world—these days: a stable governmenta strong economybanking privacyeasy residency optionstop-notch medical care (at one-tenth the cost in the U.S.)… and much, much more

In fact, our research shows that in many ways, Uruguay is more First World than the U.S. In Uruguay, you can live better, and more affordably, than you do right now.

Your invitation to travel to Uruguay with us: For the last year now, we’ve been working on our “Uruguay Ultimatum”—a “virtual conference,” but much better. Because instead of sitting in a room all day watching a parade of speakers up at a podium, you’ll get the same expertise you would at a live event in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we’ll take the experts directly to you.

You’ll meet the best, most-knowledgeable experts on all things Uruguay: attorneys; medical professionals; insurance, tax, and real estate experts; and more. You’ll hear from seasoned expats, too, who will share their invaluable experiences and advice, and show you how…just a few short months from now…you, too, can be living in this safe (and affordable) little powerhouse of a country that’s now more “First World than the U.S.”

Learn more in the Blueprint for Your New Life in Uruguay.