Expat Profiles in Uruguay

Expat Profiles in Uruguay


In Uruguay, you’ll find a First-World country with mile after mile of modern highways…pure water coming from every tap…and reliable electricity, telephone, and Internet service.

Uruguay offers a unique Latin American-European culture—with strong Italian and Spanish influences. It also has an appealingly mild climate, and has the lowest level of corruption and poverty, combined with the region’s highest standards of living.

And that’s not to mention the miles of beautiful, sandy beaches, colonial cities, and vast stretches of rolling plains. And as it turned out, Uruguay is just what the doctor ordered for many IL readers.

“Uruguay’s culture reminds me of a bygone era in the U.S.,” says David Hammond, who moved to Uruguay seven years ago.

“People still take time for each other. On the street, strangers quickly come to the aid of an elderly or blind person having difficulty. Men let women enter buildings, elevators, and buses first. And for most locals, weekends with family are more valuable than the things overtime pay can buy,” David says. Read David’s story below, and other expat profiles from those who have moved to Uruguay.

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