Irish Property Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know…

On March 1, real estate prices in Ireland will reach an all-time low. You could pick up an Irish country cottage for $9,750…a Dublin pied-a-terre for $46,500 or a beachfront hotel for $15,365 per room.

You could buy at discounts of up to 90% off peak prices. You could buy with cash on cash yields of 22%.

We have this opportunity because sellers are desperate and buyers are few. Today, prices need to be this good to find a buyer. The Irish banks and developers wish this event wasn’t happening.

I’ll get you in the room. At Real Estate Trend Alert, opportunities like this are my beat. Not just for these bargain opportunities in Ireland. But also for “off market” deals in stunningly beautiful and fast-growing emerging markets.

Like the one I just invited members of Real Estate Trend Alert to participate in.

Where the white sands of some of South America’s best beaches stretch for miles and miles. You can walk on these sands for hours undisturbed by another human being. Less than an hour away, the jet set party in multi-million dollar condos.

It’s nicer along the beach I’m talking about. Waves crash undisturbed. White foam races ashore and then disappears into the sand fizzing and bubbling as it goes.

It’s how I imagine the beaches of east Hampton looked in the simpler times…long before industrialists, Wall Street tycoons and movie stars laid claim to their own piece of ground.

Yet we can buy a half-acre lot with a manageable down payment and monthly payments of $443. Three short years of these interest- free payments and you are done.

I understand that these “off market” deals can sound secretive and confusing. It’s really pretty straight forward. We get special pricing and terms on hand-picked inventory for a period of time.

Sometimes with interest-free payments for up to 10 years, we can buy for as little as $143 per month. (The opportunity to buy in Costa Rican lake country with monthly payments of $143 and interest-free finance for 10 years is something you’ll lean about when you join Real Estate Trend Alert). Then the developer charges retail to everyone else.

In fact, I’m already working on the next “off market” deal. It’s on a white-sand fringed Caribbean island. I’ve just returned from this little piece of paradise. I kicked the dirt. Felt the warm sun and fresh breezes on my face…and the soft sand between my toes. Now I’m negotiating. I’m excited. This is an opportunity you will want to hear about.

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