Is this the Best Job in the World?

You roll out of a bed at…well, whenever. No alarm clocks here. Just bird song and the sunlight filtering through your windows. Now it’s time for a bit of coffee and a walk on the beach.

Back home, you check some email, update some Facebook pages, scan your accounting software…maybe message your web guy to update your site for the weekend. You do all this from home, or that little café down the street on your laptop as you greet friends who come in for their morning cup of Joe. It takes an hour or so.

The weather is always warm—that’s year-round. And you almost feel like you’re on vacation every day thanks to the view out the front of your workplace. Palms trees, white-sand, and a turquoise ocean have that effect.

The hours are great. Things don’t get going until around noon. And you stick around only as long as you like. That leaves plenty of time for going fishing, surfing, meeting fellow expats for lunch…in fact, hanging out with friends is a huge part of your workday and key to your success. So is joking around and talking with co-workers and clients.

As for the dress code…well, if you’re feeling fancy you wear shoes and a shirt with sleeves. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you wore long pants. Barefoot is no problem for a day at the office. Shaving is optional. The town you’re living in probably doesn’t even have ties for sale in any of the local stores, let alone a suit.

Life has become simpler in other ways. You’re no longer chasing the almighty dollar to keep up with the Joneses (although you do plenty well financially). Having the biggest TV, the latest smartphone, the trendiest fashions…it’s all out the window. And the frantic pace of the 24-hour news cycle and frenzied reporting on celebrity gossip and political infighting back home has slipped into distant memory.

The pace of life is slow. You don’t have to rush to do anything. You set your schedule and make your life what you want it.

Most importantly you love your job. You’re relaxed on the clock—having fun all day long—you’re not watching for quitting time like you used to back home. And you never dread having to go in the next day. It’s a novelty, but you actually like going to work.

Every day you meet new people and just about all of them are set to return to their humdrum lives in a few short days, they tell you…you have the best job in the world. Looking at your life…you’d have to agree.

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