Is This The Easiest Way to Earn Overseas?

You speak English. What if you could turn that into a moneymaking asset?

Teaching English as a second language has, of course, long been a popular occupation for those moving abroad. While requirements vary from country to country, being certified to teach English as a foreign language makes it easier to find a position. There are numerous programs offering certification.

If you want to be self-employed and aren’t looking for a job, being fluent in English can be turned into all sorts of enterprises.

When Bob Walling left London for Mexico City, he took advantage of a simple way to make money while getting to know some locals. Bob realized that all over the world there are folks who have studied English and want to improve their fluency. He posted notices on community bulletin boards at coffee shops, libraries, and colleges offering his services to those wishing to improve their conversational English skills.

“It took almost no time before I started getting responses,” he says. “I’d arrange an initial meeting, decide if I was a good match for the potential client, and built my little business that way.” Like Bob, you could offer your conversational services and get paid to chat.

Ian Hewitt took that a step farther. After leaving his native Australia to teach English part-time in a boys’ school in Japan, he created a fine little business for himself designing websites for small Japanese businesses that wanted an English language presence.

There’s a related opportunity I spotted after a trip to Venice that could be a fit for you if you have some basic computer skills. As I browsed this lovely city, I accumulated a stack of business cards from Venetian shops that also had websites. When I got home and began visiting these online stores, I noticed that many of them had sites that had apparently been put together by folks for whom English was not their native language.

Seems to me that offering a service to Anglicize business sites that want to market to English-speaking customers, could be a nice profit center in many locations.
If you are planning to put down roots and settle in a country where a language other than English is spoken, but many visitors arrive who do speak English, there’s a nice potential. How about offering a service to tourists or newer expats who require the help or experience of an English speaker who has bi-lingual skills?

If you’ve managed to master such things as getting an electrical service installed, a relocation service could be wildly profitable. I also noticed on HGTV’s International House Hunters program that there are many English-speaking real estate agents helping expats looking for their new homes.

While becoming a citizen of the world may include acquiring multiple language skills, your native tongue can be put to work supporting those dreams.


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