It Takes Guts to do This…

This photo of a couple kissing in Paris is where it all started for Cheryl Bigman:

But let’s jump back to the beginning of the story…

Cheryl had just secured a hard-won MBA in marketing and was working as a project manager for a huge corporation. Life looked really good…on paper.

But there was a problem—Cheryl hated marketing. So, when her job was transferred to another state, she knew her opportunity had come. She took the severance package her firm offered and began thinking about a dramatic career change.

She had always enjoyed taking pictures and when she spotted an advertisement for a photo workshop in Paris, France— decided to give it a try.

Once on the ground in the “City of Light” with camera in hand, Cheryl got lost in the moment. She shot photos of people in the park…watched the faces of people in love…and saw families spend time together.

Then she snapped the photo above.

Cheryl still loves that photo. It represents the moment when she realized that photography was what she loved doing—and her life would never be the same again.

In my work with the AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.) I get to meet lots of professional photographers—some old hands, and some who are new to the industry. But what they all have in common is that at some point, they were all brave enough to follow their hearts.

They went with their gut—even when it was scary, or uncertain…and even when they never thought they could ever be a professional photographer.

That’s what Cheryl did.

Today, Cheryl fills her time doing what she loves—shooting family portraits for all of life’s stages. From the arrival of newborn babies, to bar and bat mitzvahs, to college graduations, weddings, and beyond…she captures it all and creates images that families will cherish for generations.

If you want to be paid for your photos, you just need to get started. You’ve got to believe in yourself and you’ve got to go for it. And there’s no better time or place to start than right here, right now…

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