It’s Time to Swap Your Snow Shovel for a Hammock

Some years ago a man I know visited Florida and asked a retiree why he moved there.

“You don’t have to shovel the humidity,” the retiree merrily responded.

This month my friend’s mother is in Florida…wrapped up in sweaters.

Times are changing. Even down south, the climate isn’t what it used to be. East coast cities are like freezers. And the Mid-West is more tightly in the grip of Jack Frost’s icy fingers than it used to be.

If ever you needed an incentive to move overseas, this current cold snap is surely it. So how are the New Year Resolutions holding up? Did you promise yourself on New Year’s Day to start planning your move abroad?

I know…it’s not easy to stay motivated about future goals when your energies are all going into surviving, is it?

That’s why we created Incomes Abroad…to bring you stories of people who were once where you are now. But today they’re not bracing themselves against the cold. No, they live in shorts and sandals…watch the sun set on the beach…enjoy good health care and great property deals.

Where do they live…? Oh, places like Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize, with great coastlines, modern cities, and jungle getaways.

What are they doing…? Running their own money-making websites and guesthouses…getting paid to work with horses or kids…enjoying a business that allows them taste chocolate or coffee all day…anything goes. It’s so much easier than you might think.

We tell you about these places and concepts all the time in your Fund Your Life Overseas e-letters…but it’s just the tip of the iceberg (pardon the reference to that icy weather again!)

The full stories are in Incomes Abroad. This is where you hear from people like you, about what finally made them move…how they set up in their new homes and incomes…the challenges they encountered…how they overcame them…and more.

It’s like having a team of experts at your disposal, who constantly monitor what’s going on overseas and watching out for the best opportunities for you. They know the lay of the land…the latest trends…the up-and-coming destinations…everything you need to give you an edge.

And it serves another very useful purpose at a time like this. It reinforces your dreams. It connects you with like-minded people who have already made those dreams come true. When you’re really low on motivation, that’s the kind of reinforcement you need.

Do not lose sight of your goal. This is the year you could really do it. Stay focused. You’re only one month in…and it’s the toughest month of all.

If you need some extra coaching from the sidelines…we’re here. We’re even offering a special discount to banish the January blues. Sign up for Incomes Abroad today.

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