Killer Property Deals – How to Rate Them

Today I’m going to show you how to rate the value of any real estate you may be interested in buying. I’ll use a current property for sale as a case study. In fact, this is a  killer deal near the Pacific Coast. For reasons that will soon become clear, I can’t tell you exactly where this is. (Although members of Real Estate Trend Alert got a detailed briefing about this project several hours ago.)

In the place pictured here (see photo)…bright, thick green jungle canopy rolls down to a coast of sandy beaches and rocky points. It’s truly stunning. While prices in other parts of the country soared, prices here stayed low because it was difficult to get to. Now a new smoothly paved coastal highway has changed that.

One project along this coast, rich in nature on land and sea, stands out as the gold standard. It’s got the best views to the coast and the turquoise waters beyond. Long established, it has stood the test of time. It’s located only a few minutes from a little town that has restaurants and cafés. There are no fancy community amenities like a clubhouse, bar or restaurant. That’s what the village and the beach is for. Plus, you won’t get hit with hefty HOA fees.

A 1.29-acre lot here lists for $65,000. That’s a good deal. But members of Real Estate Trend Alert can buy the same lot for $40,000—a killer deal.

This is an “off-market” deal. I can’t tell you the name of the project as it wouldn’t be fair to those who have paid retail (who still got a great deal). Members of my Real Estate Trend Alert service are often discretely offered off-market deals like this with special pricing and terms.

But a discount is only part of what you should consider.

Every year I investigate hundreds of real estate projects and make up to 18 scouting trips. Most of what I review doesn’t make the cut. One of the tools I use to help me separate the ordinary from the exceptional is something I call the PPD System. This is something you can do, too.

Place. Look for places of outstanding natural beauty that have remained undiscovered or undervalued. Or a place where something…like a new highway, for example…is set to make a location more accessible, and therefore more desirable. Which makes real estate there more valuable.

Project. Then drill down to find a unique project that has some special attributes. This  could be a skilled development team…or a natural attribute like the best beach or most spectacular stretch of ocean land.

Deal. Finally, there has to be a special deal. Like a discount…or interest-free financing…or strong early-in pricing.

Each of the three criteria is rated out of 10. Opportunities I consider need a total score of at least 24.

The project I mentioned above nails each leg of the PPD—it scores 26. It’s the best project in a stunning locale. Members of Real Estate Trend Alert can claim discounts of up to 38%. (A report on this opportunity can be accessed in the most recent alert in the members-only website.)

In this video I explain in how these “off market” deals work…and how you can immediately access my full reports on this and other opportunities.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon spends a lot of time rejecting property opportunities. He doesn’t set out to do it that way. But the standards he sets for Real Estate Trend Alert and Pathfinder (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser) are so high, that the only possible outcome is “only the best survive”. Find out more here.