Laidback living on Panama’s Pristine Beaches

Life in and around the town of Pedasi is lived on outdoor terraces. It’s here that you’ll find people sipping their morning coffee, eating breakfast, and swinging or rocking in the shade—hammocks and rocking chairs are a common sight.

Located on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula in the Los Santos Province, Pedasi is a 45-minute flight from Panama City with Air Panama running three flights a week. If you choose to go by car, prepare for a five-hour drive.

As one of Panama’s driest regions, it gets as little as 40 inches of rain per year. Most mornings are sunny, even during the May-November ”rainy season.” Temperatures average 88 F during the day, and ocean breezes cool things down 10 F or so when the sun is out of the sky.

You’ll also see plenty of evidence of water sports around. Cars zip out of town with surfboards and fishing rods strapped to their roofs.

The region is a year-round and highly revered mecca for fishing. The waters vary in color from baby blue to deepest cobalt, and they’re teeming with fish. Red snapper, black grouper, amberjack…there are too many species to name.

The main drag is lined with restaurants and inns, and there’s a small colonial plaza and a neatly white-washed church.

You’ll find no big-name resorts here, as they tend to keep closer to Panama City. There are a handful of developments, and Hollywood stars are rumored to have bought homes on beaches around Pedasi. And yet property prices remain low when you consider the value this region has to offer.

Homes in a seaside or fishing retreat in the U.S. would likely cost three times as much as they do in Pedasi. It’s a big reason expats in search of homes by the water have been trickling in. They’ve created a community of friendly, adventurous English-speakers that rub shoulders comfortably with locals. Most of the latter are proud descendants of Spain’s colonizers. They refer to the region as the cradle of Panamanian folklore. Attend one of the many colorful festivals to get a taste of the real Panama.

Many folks visit, fall in love with the region, and end up buying property…

For instance, one typical offering is a two-bedroom house a mile outside town near a pristine beach. It’s 1,680 square feet and the price is $185,000. It features a carport and a covered terrace for lazy days in hammocks and you’ll find fruit trees and tropical plants growing around you. There’s even a small guesthouse on the property.

The nearby beach is usually uncrowded, and on weekdays you can often go and have the whole stretch to yourself. Pedasi’s little shops and restaurants are a 10-minute drive away. Another 40 minutes will get you to Chitre, where there are supermarkets, movie theaters, hospitals, and stores of every kind.

Just a mile from Pedasi’s town centre, within walking distance from one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home can be bought for $299,000. Every luxury is accounted for…

With high ceilings, Spanish tile, and imported furnishings on the inside, the house is over 1,800 square feet and sits on a green landscaped lot of over a quarter acre. Surrounded by flowers and palm trees, it’s a picture-perfect location.

In the peaceful outskirts of nearby Las Tablas, casitas are often listed from $50,000. These typical Panamanian homes tend to be 700 to 1,000 square feet. Most have terraces and sit on verdant lots.

In the Pedasi town center neighbors live close to one another. But the rest of the Pedasi region—especially along the beaches—is more spread out. Peaceful and quiet. Expats living here zip into town for casual dinners or drinks, and then return to the serenity of the waterfront.

It’s the Pedasi lifestyle…luxuriously laidback living on some of Panama’s most pristine beaches.

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