Lake Arenal: Two Great Buys

Yesterday I told you about one of my proudest discoveries: a mirror-flat lake whose dark green-tree-lined shore rises steeply to the cone of a towering volcano.

This place is not on the radar of most tourists or expats…but that’s not because it’s some inaccessible backwater. It’s located in the hills between Costa Rica’s two major international airports of San Jose and Liberia.

You have the best of Costa Rica’s amenities and attractions on your doorstep…and the beauty of the world’s most bio-diverse country all around. Lake Arenal might just be Costa Rica’s most prized gem.

This is a place for hiking, horseback-riding, bird-watching, swimming, fishing and boating. With temperatures in the high-70s almost year round, the weather is perfect for an active lifestyle…and perfectly suited to keep the rich pastureland and forest a bright and dark green.

Hot springs bubble and steam from deep within the earth’s crust, courtesy of Volcano Arenal. Boutique resorts offer a comfortable, restful and natural environment to bathe in and soak up these hot nutrient rich springs—a perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day hiking, boating or relaxing.

The night sky is piercingly bright with stars, far from the artificial lights of any big town or city.

But for some reason, this is just one of those places that only a small number of expats have paid attention to—until now.

This is a place where you are spoiled for choice. Where you can go the conventional route…and enjoy the conveniences that brings…or create something of your own.

Right now, one member of my Real Estate Trend Alert group URL has the opportunity to own a piece of this paradise—a lake-shore, half-acre lot—with only $3,960 down. This lot, listed for $22,000, is being offered to one RETA member for the discounted price of $19,800.

There’s plenty of space to build your dream home and a pool. And you’re also buying in an established community.

But if you’re looking for something bigger, you’re in luck. Close to this established community and along the main shore road, one member of Real Estate Trend Alert has the chance to buy 6.8 acres of primo lake-view land.

You have views across and along miles of lake.

Streams gurgle through the property. It’s mostly cleared pastureland. Some is planted with brightly blooming flowers.

That’s not all. These 6.8 acres also come with two cottages. You can move in straight away—and rent the second cottage. And maybe consider the reminder of the 6.8 acres as a development opportunity.

Sell lots…or pads to build more cottages…or build more cottages yourself. Your call. When you see it, you might well be tempted to keep it all for yourself. And, given the price it could be yours for, you might not need to unlock the commercial potential. Or, maybe you might decide to plant it with fruit and nut trees, vegetables…and live off the bounty.

This is a strong opportunity for the right person who can act fast. You see…the owner needs to sell. She wanted no less than $159,000 but she wants out fast. I hear she will take $139,000 for a quick cash sale. Maybe even a few bucks less. I’d suggest making a firm, quick, cash offer of $135,000.

Early next week I will be sending members of Real Estate Trend Alert my full report on this opportunity.

As I’m sure you understand…this is a one-off opportunity. Only one member can get in on this. When it’s gone, that’s it. But this is the type of opportunity I tell members of Real Estate Trend Alert about on an almost weekly basis.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser).


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