Last Chance to Listen…

“This is my first time,” a pretty lady named Jos confided to me. She lives in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean on Australia’s western coast.

“I love my home and I have no complaints with my life there,” she said. “But my husband has been working and living in Vanuatu (a gorgeous South Pacific island) for five years…and he has wanderlust.

“I couldn’t understand what he was on about,” she said. “But now I do. And I’m ready to go!”

Jos was almost giddy with possibility…and I know how she feels. There’s a big, exotic world out there, filled with new friends and new adventures waiting to be met, places we’ve only dreamed about….snowcapped equatorial mountains, sweet umber-colored villages perched beside the sea, glorious heart-swelling beaches (like the one we were standing on), the moon slowly rising overhead, the first few hopeful stars softly blinking.

Jos spoke a bit more…about how she’d fallen in love with Belize. And then she thanked me.

Actually, she thanked my husband Dan Prescher for something he’d said the first day of the conference. (He and I have both had a chance to speak about our personal experiences living in Latin America.)

“This idea…of surrendering to the exotic…of moving to a foreign country and embracing what you find there…was my wife’s dream, not mine,” he said. “But when you love someone, you help them realize their dream.”

Ahhhh….what a guy.

After that comment, we were swamped with questions about how to convince the reluctant spouse to hop aboard the live overseas bus.

I’m Suzan Haskins and I’m writing to you from the International Living Ultimate Event 2012 going on now in warm, sunny, sultry, sexy Cancun, Mexico.

Treat your spouse to a long, loving weekend in a place like this—that’s my advice. Or better yet, let them hear the stories we’ve heard this week…about the real romance and memory-making adventures of life in a foreign country.

My guess is that once they’ve heard these firsthand experiences and come to understand the possibilities…the way it energizes your soul and actually adds happy years to your life…they’ll start to come around.

There have been many moments like this over the last few days. This large-yet-intimate crowd has a different bent on what’s important.

No More Ice, Cold, Snow

Some are here to take advantage of the many international investment opportunities we’re learning about…others are looking for a healthier place to live…or a place that costs less (some have seen their retirement accounts decimated in recent years)…yet others are looking for a welcoming place to start a business or a way to reinvent themselves altogether. And some purely want a change of scenery. No more ice, cold and snow.

(That was another arrow in my Cupid’s quiver when it came to convincing my husband to move from Nebraska—he could toss his snow shovel in the trash.)

There were many enlightening moments like Jos’s during the conference…and especially on this last day.

The morning was focused on the nuts and bolts of moving overseas…the very best tips and tricks for successful pre-preparation.

Not just what to do, where to go, what to take, what to leave behind—but the specific documents you’ll need to prove your status and to streamline the process when relocating with children, pets, and elderly parents.

The specific documents you’ll need for opening a bank account, getting your residency visa, buying property. Once you move, how will you communicate (for free via video) with family and friends back home? We learned that and much, much more…

And you can, too, when you listen in on everything we heard

Some people in the audience—whether because they’re high-energy or because they need the money—are interested in ways to earn a living from their new home. That was on the agenda this morning, too. The genuinely candid Patrice Wynne, a “serial entrepreneur,” offered details about how to start (and protect) any business you might start in Latin America. “Here, the laws protect the employee, not the employer,” she said as she introduced the one absolutely critical (but easy and easily overlooked) first step that can save you a lot of heartache later.

Conference favorite Winton Churchill introduced us to several websites where you can make money as a consultant—no matter where in the world you live and no matter what your career or life experience is. One fellow Winton knows was a handyman back in the States, another a law enforcement officer. Now, they both pull in more than $20 an hour—the first guy answering questions for “do-it-yourself-ers” and the other offering guidance on gun care.

Turalu Murdock had scads of ideas—businesses that are needed and could be easily started by the expat. And Warren Hardy, founder of the famous Hardy method of language learning, explained why we shouldn’t be intimidated about speaking a new language. (Note: I’m a Warren Hardy School grad myself and his program is incredibly intuitive and easy, especially for “mature” learners. A few easy first steps and you can be on the fast track to becoming fully bilingual.)

Warren actually conducted a learning session during his afternoon workshop. If you were in the room, you walked away with about 500% more language skills than you entered the room with.

So how can you be in the room? With Warren, Patrice, Winton, Turalu, myself and the dozens of other expert speakers here at the International Living Ultimate Event 2012?

Easy! Reserve Your 2012 Ultimate Event Conference-at-Home Kit NOW for the Lowest Discount Available…

We know it isn’t always possible to attend our events…your personal and business obligations come first. But we think the information from this conference is so important that we want to make it available to you even if you couldn’t join us in Cancun.

Seminar attendees paid up to $1,295 each to get this information first hand. And being here in person is more than worth that amount, of course. But like I said, we know that not everyone can be here.

Reserve your 2012 Ultimate Event Conference-at-Home Kit and you’ll save a whopping $200 off the regular price.

Along with the stellar must-not-miss presentations I’ve already mentioned, we also heard today from the larger-than-life (always entertaining) Steenie Harvey and her oh-so-experienced sidekick Jen Stevens (founder of AWAI’s Ultimate Travel Writer’s program), who explained how to make a steady paycheck as a travel writer. Hey, once you move overseas your daily grind will be ultra exotic to the folks back home—and you can get paid to report about it!

Alison Talbert explained how easy it is start an exotic (and very lucrative) import-export business. Steve Patton shared his tips for landing the best-paying jobs teaching English overseas (and in the most exotic locations). If you’re a photographer, you’ll want to hear Bonnie Caton’s tips for selling your travel photos.

And there was so much more….today wasn’t just about earning money (although that’s important). We also learned about our options for health care overseas—which countries offer the best programs (many, it appears) and what kinds of costs might you expect (far less than in the States!) Glynna Prentice is the go-to gal for all things health related and she did not disappoint.

There was so much more…in fact, my head is swimming from the hours of in-depth information and insider insights that were shared here over the last four very full days. Nearly 40 hours worth of this “don’t-leave-home-without-it” information has been recorded and will soon be waiting for you to dive into.

So please…if you’re even thinking about making a move overseas, don’t delay—get the straight scoop from the 80 experts that have shared their hard-won experiences these past four days.

Again, we’re offering this at the lowest price possible. About what you might have paid for just one night at the hotel here in Cancun (not to mention your airfare and conference admission… )

We’ll only offer this low price until we have the recordings ready to deliver to you. At that point…we’ll charge the full price.

So reserve today and save $200… you’ll gain access to the presentation recordings, Powerpoint presentations, hand outs and speaker dossier just as soon as all this is assembled and ready.

After that, we’ll charge the regular, higher price.

We’ll send the information about how to obtain your conference package as soon as we’re finished making copies of the recordings, the hand outs, and the PowerPoint presentations.

Of course, some day we hope you’ll join us in person at one of our events. So we’re throwing in a $100 voucher toward any upcoming International Living event. You can use it to attend any of the future events and seminars you may be interested in and on top of any other discounts you may be eligible for.

(Still to come in 2012, we’ll be hosting events in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Las Vegas and Costa Rica …at least one of these is sure to be a perfect fit for your personal needs.)

No-Risk Guarantee: Best of All, if These Insider Tips Don’t Work, You Pay Nothing

The 100+ experts at this event, in nearly 80 individual presentations and workshops, cover every possible aspect of living and investing around the world. After you’ve heard their briefings, there’ll be nothing to stop you from acting on the information they share.

Because of that, we’ll return every penny you paid for this information if it doesn’t help you reclaim your retirement, safeguard your hard-earned assets, and make your overseas dreams come true.

In other words: You can call us at any time in the next 30 days—and tell us the information didn’t help you. (Or don’t tell us anything. Just ask for your money back—and you’ll get it.)

If you’re serious about reducing your expenses, protecting your retirement plans, and living a more relaxed, genteel life, I urge you to take advantage of this offer and reserve your 2012 Ultimate Event Conference-at-Home Kit  now.

There is no reason 2012 shouldn’t be the year you fall in love with your life again.



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