“Latin America Changed Everything For Me”

With a love for Latin American culture and an itch to travel, Jaime Johnson struck out for Panama four years ago.

His life took a turn when he met a “special someone”—and a year later he found himself living in her hometown of Bogota, Colombia.

“That first year, I traveled throughout Colombia,” he recalls. “In Medellin I found one of the most progressive cities I’d ever visited. I instantly fell in love with it and I’ve been here for the past three years.”

The city has gotten a bad rap, Jaime thinks. “While at one time Medellin was considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, it has turned around 180 degrees. It’s one of the cleanest and most organized cities in Latin America. It’s hard to even find a pothole in a street.Medellin’s communication infrastructure is just as advanced as in the States,

“The weather averages 75 degrees all year round, the people, the nightlife, and the cultural activities here are great…and you can leave town in any direction and find beautiful countryside, fun villages and thing to do.”

Jaime trades in the financial markets and writes educational material for other traders. He has also penned a couple of travel guides for Colombia—one for Bogota and one for Medellin. It’s something he can do from anywhere once he’s got an Internet connection.

Medellin’s communication infrastructure is just as advanced as in the States, Jaime says, so he finds working online easy to do, although he admits there are some language challenges. “While my Spanish is good, it’s not my native language, and that makes things a bit harder. But at the same time, it’s more interesting. The bottom line is that everything I need is here.”

Best of all, he adds, “I make my salary in U.S. dollars and live for about half the price of home. Another reason I love it here is really because of the people and their attitudes. While there’s poverty, the level of happiness here seems much higher.”

That doesn’t mean Jaime is ready to settle down in one place. “I do love Medellin and could easily make it a home base, but my girlfriend and I both have an itch for travel. I want to show her my home country and much more of Latin America.”

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