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When most people think of “writing careers,” they think they have two choices: You can become an author and write books—fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and so on. Or, you can get yourself a journalism degree, and write articles and news stories for newspapers and magazines—either as a freelancer or staff writer.

Both are noble professions that can be very rewarding and garner a lot of respect. Problem is, they’re hard work. They’re highly competitive. You need to spend a lot of time getting very good at what you do. And, unless you’re among the elite, the pay is typically pretty average at best.

The kind of writing I’m going to tell you about is different.

You see it every day—in the mail, on the Internet, in magazines and newspapers—but you’ve probably never stopped to consider who’s writing it…and just how lucrative a career it can be. Master Copywriter Michael Masterson, the man who’s mentored hundreds of up-and-coming copywriters, put it perfectly some years ago:

“You’re a good writer if you can write a story that can make people cry…

You’re a better writer if your writing can make people laugh…

But, if your writing can persuade people to take action—that’s when you know you can be a very wealthy writer.”

That, in a nutshell, is what copywriters do.

We persuade people to take action—whether it’s to support a cause, read a special report, buy a product, request some more information, and so on. It may just be some well-written copy on a website landing page…an e-mail you send a potential customer…an ad in a publication…or a personal letter written to someone with an interest in the product you’re offering.

If you can write “copy” that persuades, there isn’t a business in the world that won’t beat a path to your door to get you to work your magic for them.

Think about it: If you’re able to sit down and in a week write an ad or a letter that results in $100,000 in additional sales—and the company you write for pays you $5,000 to write it—where is the downside?

The business is happy. They just boosted sales by $100,000. And you— you got $5,000 for a week’s worth of work, writing a few hours a day. Now, multiply that by all the weeks in the year and you’re earning over $250,000 a year.

Experienced writers can command between $5,000 and $10,000 (and more) per sales promotion. Plus, often you’ll get a percentage of the sales you generate—”royalties” they’re called—that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for every ad or letter you write.

Of course, money is important but the first reason many copywriters give for loving what they do is the freedom it offers. Because as a professional direct-marketing copywriter, you have complete control over your schedule.

You no longer have to show up at a certain time and be restricted in what you do over the course of a typical workday. You decide how hard you work and when.

If you’re a night owl, you can do your writing at night, leaving your days free for your favorite leisure activities. If you like to start your day early, you could start writing at say 6 a.m. and finish up by early afternoon. Then, you’ll have the rest of the day to do whatever you feel like doing. Go golfing, play tennis, play with the kids, shop — it’s entirely up to you.

No boss is watching you. There’s no time clock to punch.

Plus, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of living in a log cabin in the mountains— miles from anyone. Or, maybe you like the excitement of an apartment in downtown Manhattan, London, or Paris.

The point is, you’re not forced by your job to live in any one spot. You can live wherever you choose—even travel the world if you like—and still make an excellent living.

Editor’s Note: This program can turn you into a copywriter earning six figures…even if you’ve no writing experience whatsoever. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be.

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