Lead Your Own Tours for Fun and Profit

An ancient Roman proverb assures us that “fortune favors the bold”. It’s a nice thought…but an even better thing to experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to find out that this is indeed true…and my boldness has paid off in spades.

My parents were entrepreneurs. The notion that you can create something, put it out there and then get paid for it has always been in my blood. But it was in 2005, when I launched something bolder than anything I’d done to date, that fortune really smiled on me.

I’d been operating my coaching, teaching and speaking business for five years when I got the idea to lead tours in France.

Partnering with a friend, we lead a group of adventurers to Arles in the South of France. Our tour, “Journey of the Senses”, engaged participants in creative pursuits designed to help them experience more deeply the wonders of the world.

We used writing and art exercises…cooking classes…visits to beekeepers…trips to goat cheese artisans and other outings to engage our group in the most sumptuous experience possible.

We made it up as we went along, but somehow it worked. Encouraged by this early success, I continued to develop tours in Paris and the south of France, as well as closer to home in gorgeous Boulder, Colorado.

From the start, these tours have been profitable. I net between $3,000 and $10,000 per trip—but the rewards extended far beyond that. France has been a part of my life for a long time, but until I started organizing tours, I hadn’t been able to afford regular trips there. But the tours cover all my expenses—my flights, my lodging, my food, and for extra vacation time before and after the tours.

More than those boons—as if they weren’t enough—I thoroughly relished sharing my love of France with others. The people who join me on my tours experienced life-changing transformations as a result of our time together. That is worth as much as any money I have earned, if not more.

I really believe fortune favors the bold—and when you’re both brave and prepared, you’re even more likely to strike it lucky. That’s why I decided to share my knowledge by writing a program that can help people design, promote and lead their own tours.

My step-by-step guide offers insights into the process of making life-changing experiences for others as well as the leaders, while earning some extra cash. What could be better?

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