Leave “Ordinary” Behind—Starting Now

I’ve always been one of those people who won’t settle for “ordinary.” Sure, I have done my share of everyday things…but if I can find a way to step beyond the run-of-the-mill, you can bet I will!

One of the ways I left “ordinary” behind was with my career. I spent many years working as a tax accountant—I knew there had to be a better way to spend my time.

I wanted something extraordinary. So…I decided that I could live this life less ordinary as a travel writer.

Here are just a few of the experiences I’ve enjoyed in the last year thanks to my change of career.

  • Fishing for piranhas in the Amazon in Peru
  • Drinking 300-year-old rum salvaged from a shipwreck off Delaware
  • Harvesting cacao from a jungle farm in Belize
  • Hiking in Norwegian woods with a celebrity chef to pick mushrooms
  • Dining beside an ancient pyramid in Lima
  • Wandering through ancient Inca ruins at Machu Picchu
  • Raising a few pints on a literary pub crawl in Dublin
  • Writing a personal message on the Peace Wall in Belfast
  • Swimming through a 300-million-year-old cave in Belize
  • Sailing on the Bay of Honduras at sunset
  • Driving a reindeer sleigh in Roros, Norway
  • Riding a horse through the jungle in Belize
  • Visiting the last port of the Titanic in Cobh, Ireland
  • Walking on the floating islands of the Uros Tribe in Lake Titicaca in Peru

This is just a little sample of my adventures and I have more in the works…

I’m soon off to Dresden in East Germany to ride the oldest fleet of paddle steamers on the Elbe River. Just yesterday, I received an e-mail invitation to sample a new food, wine, and travel experience in Italy…I’m not turning that one down!

Anyone can take a vacation and experience some of these things…but I don’t have to wait for a vacation. In fact, I get invited to explore this fascinating world, meet interesting people, and experience new cultures.

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