Live Anywhere You Want with this Top-Dollar, Portable Career

Thinking internationally enhances every aspect of your life—even when it comes to marriage!

That’s what my fiancé and I have found as we put the final details on our wedding plans.

You see, for many married couples, the future is very much set in stone…or at least that’s how it seems.

Thanks to job requirements…or accidents of birth…couples are linked to one fixed geography. Maybe it’s the city where their employer’s company is headquartered, or the part of the country where their parents went to school, settled down, and started a family.

These couples look into the future and “just know” that in 10…20…or even 50 years they’ll still be more or less in the same spot—even if it’s not a spot they particularly like!

And so they’re less than perfectly happy, because a major part of their lives—where they’ll live—has been dictated to them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Imagine looking into the future and realizing that instead of being “nailed down” to one corner of the globe…you could go anywhere.

That’s what happens when you pursue an independent, portable income as a couple.

For me, that’s copywriting. Anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi, I’m good.

My fiancé runs his own sound recording business, among other ventures, so neither of us has to “stay put” anywhere we don’t want to be.

So as our wedding date gets closer and everyone’s asking where we’re going to be living, we can joyfully answer: “Anywhere we want!”

For now, that means Ecuador. We like the low cost of living and the warm community. But we’ve also got our eyes on southern Spain…or maybe ColombiaSwitzerlandUruguayChile…or Italy.

It’s definitely a life “outside the lines” in the eyes of many. But it’s a freedom that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

A career in copywriting allows you to stay in control of your own geographical destiny.

Once we’re married, we don’t have to settle for living in a place someone else picked out. We don’t have to resign ourselves to raising kids in a city when we’d rather be in the countryside. We’re not putting up with high tax environments or nasty commutes. And we’ve already decided that even though we were both born in colder climates, we’re never living where it snows!

It’s such a difference being completely in control of where the future takes us…much more interesting and exciting…and I know that many other expats have had the same experience once they put themselves in control of their own geographic destiny—whether they were married or not!

So I encourage you to try it. Start an online, go-anywhere business. Or, pick a skill that can make you money everywhere you go, like copywriting. And see for yourself how having total global freedom changes every part of your life for the better.

Happy Travels!

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