Live Better For Less Overseas

The idea of living better for less overseas has been around for a long time. So long, in fact, that there are a surprising number of people doing it right now.

As a constant participant in International Living’s events, I notice this surprise on the faces of attendees every time we do a seminar or conference. I definitely noticed it again on the faces of many attendees at our Ultimate Event 2012 in Cancun.

For many people, the idea of cutting their cost of living in half or more while still enjoying better weather, a healthier lifestyle, and quality medical care and infrastructure seems like a radical, unproven theory.

Until, that is, we introduce them to people who have actually been doing it for years.

At almost every one of our events, we introduce our attendees to people like John Curran, who along with his partner, Sue, are carving out their little piece of paradise in Ecuador’s incredible “Valley of Longevity,” Vilcabamba.

Or Patrice Wynne, who started a business in the historic Colonial city of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico’s central highlands…and now exports her beautiful, Latin-inspired textiles around the world.

Or Winton Churchill, a guy who started off reading International Living magazine and ended up teaching people how to make money doing what they love from anywhere in the world…and living in one of Mexico’s most stunning seaside playgrounds while doing it.

When I see the eyes of attendees light up when they hear the real-life stories of these and the many other expats who are living the expat lifestyle, I understand the real value of our events.

Certainly we introduce our attendees to nearly every expert, service provider, and professional they might ever need to help make their move abroad easier, safer, and faster.

But it’s the stories, examples, tips, and tricks of those who’ve actually done it that demonstrate as directly as possible that a move abroad really can be easy, safe, and fast.

It’s not just a theory… it’s a proven way to improve your life while at the same time making it much more affordable. And at each one of our events, I see so many of our attendees realize that their dream of a happier, healthier, more affordable life abroad isn’t a dream…it’s a reality that many expats are already living and very willing to share with others seeking the same peace and happiness.

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