Living the Laptop Lifestyle on the Stunning Shores of Belize

Just one short year ago, I announced over the dinner table that I’d decided to sell my business and move to Belize. My family wasn’t a bit surprised since I had been threatening to do so for the better part of a decade. But, this time, I followed through!

Now I plan my days around dozens of tempting distractions and work only when the mood (or inspiration) strikes. I attend yoga classes three days a week—a healthy habit I never seemed to find time for back home. I’ve met many expat friends while practicing my poses in a breezy palapa (a sort of thatched gazebo) or sipping a fruit-filled smoothie after class.

For years, I’ve dreamed of exploring the world and indulging in my life-long passion for underwater photography. However, I was lucky to take one, maybe two, dive trips a year. So naturally, one of the main reasons I moved to Belize was for the exceptional scuba diving. Now I simply walk next door, where my gear is always ready for a diving adventure. The reef is just a five-minute boat ride away and a full day of diving is less than $80. Since moving to Belize’s tropical island paradise, Ambergris Caye, I’ve photographed sharks, eel, turtles, squid, and throngs of graceful spotted eagle rays.

At first, I was a little worried about moving to a foreign country as a single woman. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded. Not only do I feel safe, but I have met plenty of other adventurous (single and married) ladies. We get together for potlucks, painting and cooking classes, and wine tasting events. My favorite is our weekly Sunday afternoon ritual of dancing barefoot in the sand to the tunes of a local rock band.

When I’m not diving or socializing, I’m out exploring my new island home. Getting around is done by golf cart, which is not only fun, but inexpensive. The downtown area of San Pedro is a bustling hub of restaurants and shops. I can grab lunch from a cart on the street for less than $5 or head to my favorite place on the beach and enjoy a Texas-sized veggie burrito. I wash it down with a Belikin (the tasty local beer) for about $12 in total.

Today, I’m working from my laptop in my ocean-front home on Ambergris Caye and enjoying a view of the sparkling Caribbean Sea. My rent is $1,200 for a fully furnished, two-bedroom villa, about half what I paid back in the U.S. At first, I wasn’t sure if I had the expertise needed to work from my laptop. After some research and the help of a business coach, I was delighted to discover that I already had many skills I could translate to my new location-independent business. With new confidence, I launched an online lifestyle coaching business which I aptly named “A Passionate Dream Life.”

Last year’s dinner declaration has become a blurry memory, replaced by crimson sunsets and balmy breezes. I feel lighter and more alive than I ever have in my life. My biggest dream has always been to travel the world. Now I know that wherever I wander, I can work as long as I have an internet connection. But today? I think I’ll go scuba diving.

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